NetBase Introduces Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence for Image Analysis

The Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence Delivers the Deepest Insights into Facial Emotions, Scenery, Objects, and Logos

NetBase, a global leader in enterprise social analytics, announced its next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) image analysis capabilities. The NetBase next generation AI analyzes visual posts to identify brand logos and keywords to give the most comprehensive view of a brand’s performance. The platform also accurately classifies images by facial emotions, common scenery, and everyday objects to provide a great depth of insight in the market today.

The platform is the first machine learning and artificial intelligence solution to measure the impact of images on Instagram and other visual channels. Expert learning capabilities combined with NetBase’s deep natural language processing technology provide the most accurate image analytics in a single powerful platform. This enables social and customer experience professionals to understand the full scale of a brand’s conversation by tracking an influencer’s product placement, event sponsorship signage reach, and fan-created content.

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NetBase Unveils the Most Comprehensive Cross-Channel Social, Earned, And Owned Engagement Analysis
Paige Leidig

“More than three billion photos are uploaded and shared on the internet every day, but solutions did not exist to enable brands to comb through this sea of content to see all the images their customers were sharing on social media unless the brand was explicitly tagged. Over the past two years, we developed a next-generation artificial intelligence framework to solve this. Since visual content is forty times more likely to be shared on social than text, we can now give companies the most accurate social analysis of both text and images,” said Paige Leidig, chief marketing officer at NetBase.

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NetBase Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence Image Analysis capabilities include:

  • High Precision Logo Recognition: NetBase can identify a logo if it is partially hidden, rotated, or even modified. If a logo is changed into inappropriate context, or a trademark is infringed, NetBase’s AI-based search will flag it so the brand can quickly be notified, find the source, and take swift action. Additionally, Enterprise brands can monitor regional variants and support an array of logos to protect brand reputation.
  • Comprehensive Visual Analysis: The platform tracks more than logos, it can also monitor for objects, memes, scenes and faces. The tool will also identify emotions of the photograph, better-enabling users to understand the context and where, when, and how consumers are using a brand’s products.
  • Find Inspiration from Customers: NetBase tracks photos from campaigns and allows brands to leverage user-generated content to create ideas for new UGC campaigns. Insights from customer use will lead to more engaging campaigns and drive content ideation. It can also help identify companion products for potential partnership and co-branding opportunities.

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