Anyword Reveals Copywriting Tips From Analyzing $250 Million in Advertising

AI copywriting developer produces data-driven guide on language that converts viewers to buyers.

Every minute online, 1.4 million people are scrolling through Facebook, sharing nearly 700,000 stories on Instagram, and posting 200,000 tweets. The competition to grab someone’s attention is fierce, and only after that can a passive viewer be turned into an active buyer.

So, how to create copy that converts? Anyword, makers of data-driven AI copywriting software built on natural language processing, analyzed $250 million of advertising spots to show how using the right words in a writer’s copy significantly improves performance and return on ad spend (ROAS).

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“Our analysis reveals that even simple changes improve performance,” said Yaniv Makover, co-founder and CEO of Anyword. “There also are more subtle, unexpected findings on word choices, placement, and tone that can make a big difference.”

For example, changing “Here are our latest spring fashion finds” into “Explore our latest spring fashion finds” drives measurably higher views. Using phrases and action verbs such as “Don’t miss,” “Experience,” or “Treat yourself” provide greater engagement, in both ad copy and headlines.

Among Anyword’s tips on how to write copy that converts:

  • Headlines are the biggest pieces of text on a Facebook ad, so placing an active message there can give a stronger chance of converting.
  • Promote listicles, informational, or education content by switching from passive voice to active voice for a more confident tone.
  • Placing an action verb at the beginning of a headline or copy can increase chances of more clicks and interactions.
  • The right “power verbs” can strongly influence performance, particularly in Facebook ads.

To learn more about how to leverage power verbs and create unique calls to action (CTAs), read Anyword’s Complete Guide to Conversion Copywriting.

Anyword’s AI writer uses predictive analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of your copy. Copywriters can produce advertising, social media copy and other materials in their exact tone and style and receive a Predictive Performance Score for every variation before publication and without A/B testing.

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Data analysis shows that leveraging the right words in the right voice boosts performance. Anyword’s predictive analytics provide confidence that your copy will get the results you want.

Give the active voice a fair shot with a free, seven-day trial with Anyword.

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