Bairong’s New Precision Marketing Solution Empowers Financial Institutions to Make Data-Driven Decisions in Delivering Streamlined, Personalized Customer Experience

(PRNewsfoto/Bairong Inc)

Bairong Inc , a leading independent AI-powered technology platform in China, announced that the Company has been granted a new patent for its smart method and system for marketing strategy generation, an industry-leading solution designed to help financial institutions address challenges in precision marketing and enable them to engage their customers with high accuracy and personalized strategies.

Bairong’s precision marketing solution is a three-layer strategy ecosystem, with cloud-based SaaS fintech and smart analytics platforms serving as the foundation that grants technological capacities to Bairong’s services and strategy outputs. Bairong’s service matrix is built on four pillars, which consist of operational diagnostics, system implementation, smart analytics, and customer operations. The top layer — strategy outputs — offers systematic solutions based on the information filtered through the two lower layers, delivering optimized and fine-tuned strategy as well as actionable implementation plans.

A pioneering innovation capable of elevating customer experiences and boosting conversion rate and sales, the one-stop solution, which is built on Bairong’s unmatched smart analytics ability, harnesses AI and cloud-based technology to provide multi-dimensional customer insights, holistic diagnostic tools as well as a package of bespoke and targeted services, empowering the financial sector to accelerate toward digital transformation.

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The purpose-built solution helps financial institutions quickly shift to a customer-oriented strategy in establishing a full life-cycle customer management system incorporated with predictive analytical tools that cut through the complexity of targeting customers, helping them acquire new customers, boost high-value customer retention, reduce customer attrition.

Customers are the most strategic resources for financial institutions, with customer management sitting at the core of their business operations. However, their long-standing reliance on the product-oriented marketing strategy has hindered their ability to stay ahead of diverse customer demands and expectations in the digital age, which require real-time responses and differentiated marketing approaches. With its expertise in AI and cloud computing, Bairong has been spearheading the development of a strategy-driven precision marketing solution that can help users to seize new opportunities in what author Brett King calls, the era of “Bank 4.0.”

As financial institutions are adopting the multi-channel approach in order to maximize customer reach, Bairong has built a unified and diversified marketing system integrated online and offline channels. The closed-loop system features data collection, analysis, decision-making, precise delivery, interaction, and dynamic feedback, creating a one-stop marketing hub that helps users to refine the management for different customer groups.

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With a human-centric design, Bairong’s solution is able to provide a personalized service experience for every customer. The Company leverages marketing engines to optimize the tagging system for customers, products and services, which, coupled with a smart decision-making capability based on expert rules and data models, can enable financial institutions to significantly increase labor efficiency in terms of customer acquisition, product recommendation, and service delivery. It can also establish multi-dimensional customer classification that pinpoints the needs of an individual, providing targeted services and comprehensively enhancing customer experience.

Digitized banking and financial services have become the norm in the Bank 4.0 era, but a lack of engagement in the non-human interaction that automated services provide often leads to confusion and low satisfaction rates. Bairong precision marketing solution tackles this pain point by offering powerful tools featuring highly intelligent robotic technologies that can deliver the customer experience on a par with human assistants, allowing financial institutions to refocus on expediting digitalization while simplifying complex service procedures and improving customer loyalty.

Looking forward, Bairong will continue to sharpen its focus on innovation and product optimization and develop a holistic solution integrated with software, strategy, models, and data, joining forces with its business partners and clients to drive the digital transformation of finance.

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