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BirdDog Technologies Revolutionizes Auto Company Community-Level Marketing for the COVID-19 Recovery’s “New Normal”

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Programmatic, AI-based platform provides deeper connections at 40% less cost

Small, local businesses have been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 crisis and the precipitous drop in business due to “stay-at-home” directives. OEMs are faced with an urgent need to reconnect with their customers and rebuild their business. Rebuilding these businesses and communities when the “stay-at-home” directive is lifted will be a top priority. BirdDog is uniquely able to connect major automotive brands with these establishments to create partnerships that help reinvigorate business and celebrate the lifeblood of local communities.

BirdDog is a sophisticated, proprietary platform utilizing the latest in artificial intelligence, social listening, as well as geo and demographic targeting.  It more quickly identifies potential partners at a hyper-local level and connects OEMs with businesses that share their ethos and like-minded clientele.  All this more effectively, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional experiential approaches including sponsorships, pop-ups and tours.

With the vastly altered national landscape, BirdDog can play a key role as the economy begins to rebuild.  Automotive brands are now able to do far more than merely stage events at these establishments but can rally communities and raise funds to speed their recovery.

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BirdDog CEO Kevin Killip said, “While brands are often drawn towards large events and sponsorships, BirdDog was created around the premise that more meaning and value can be found for all parties at a truly local level.  A brand taking the time to find and curate relationships with a consumer’s favorite local business, place of interest, or meeting place — that truly fits in their day-to-day lives — resonates at a much deeper and actionable level.”

As car companies plan their own comeback, BirdDog offers significant benefits as well.  Informed by data, designed to be nimble and activated at a local level, much of the waste of traditional experiential marketing is eliminated.  On average, BirdDog offers an investment level 40% lower than traditional approaches. Its unique pay-for-performance model was designed to eliminate risk, of even greater importance in the current environment.

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James E. Press, board member of AVC Capital Group, an investor in car industry solutions for a disrupted industry said, “Marketing and retailing solutions today need to be more consumer-centric than ever; yet must clearly benefit the dealers and OEMs as well.  BirdDog looks to be constructed with that very premise in mind.”

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