CognitiveScale Announces Availability of Cortex Certifai on AWS Marketplace

CognitiveScale, The Trusted AI Company, announced it has teamed with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide its Cortex Certifai product directly on the AWS Marketplace.

Cortex Certifai addresses growing customer needs for improving confidence, transparency, and performance of automated decisioning systems. It helps developers automate detection and scoring of data and model quality and trust issues through well-defined trust factors packaged as a Trust Index.

Early adopters of AI are projected to share in a global profit pool of $1 trillion by 2030, according to industry analysts. As automated decisioning systems such as advanced analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) permeate the enterprise, the need for trust in data, algorithms, and models has become mission-critical. Digital leadership, therefore, is determined by the levels of trust an organization can create—among its customers, the people inside the enterprise, and the partners across its ecosystem.

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The Certifai solution adds confidence in AI results and provides transparency for AI models and their outcomes without the need to understand model internals and related datasets. It eliminates many of the major barriers to data and AI/ML model adoption and use and supports end-to-end application development that is fast and reliable. By offering Certifai on AWS Marketplace, customers get cloud-based economy and flexibility, along with the ability to connect seamlessly with existing AWS data and ML processes and toolchains.

“CognitiveScale is focused on delivering trusted AI so that the technology and the practical outcomes it creates help innovate and grow wider-scale AI utilization and associated customer benefits,” said Matt Sanchez, CTO of CognitiveScale. “We are looking forward to leveraging access of AWS Marketplace as a vehicle for greater awareness and availability of Certifai, providing customers with the ability to validate how their data models work, and helping them to implement trusted and compliant AI solutions.”

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Absence of transparency, traceability, and trust is resulting in slow adoption and significant financial, reputational, and regulatory risks. Certifai provides six key dimensions of critical AI model explainability including fairness, reliability, privacy, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability.

The partnership with AWS and availability of Certifai on the AWS digital catalog of approved independent software vendors will help customers rapidly build high-performance and trustworthy automated decisioning systems free from issues such as bias, privacy, explainability, and regulatory compliance.

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