conDati Marketing Analytics Unveiled to Transform Digital Campaigns

Cloud-based Platform Combines Data Science and Machine Learning to Provide Predictive Analytics and Insights to Marketers and Improve Campaign Performance

conDati has announced the first commercial release of conDati Marketing Analytics, a cloud-based platform that applies data science and machine learning to help marketers understand and improve the performance of digital campaigns. conDati Marketing Analytics integrates previously siloed data from multiple martech systems to deliver a single, unified data asset that offers users complete and accurate insights on digital campaign performance.

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conDati is the first truly modern marketing analytics platform, providing a real-time understanding of campaign performance to marketing leaders and practitioners and replacing spreadsheet-based tracking metrics for marketing departments of all sizes.

conDati Marketing Analytics can Further Improve the ROI from Digital Marketing

Ken Gardner, CEO, conDati
Ken Gardner, CEO, conDati

At the time of this announcement, we spoke to Ken Gardner, CEO of conDati. Ken said, “Every marketing team we meet suffers from a lack of critical campaign financial performance information. And they are very aware of this fact. conDati eliminates manual effort and provides the information to make spend and mix choices that are based on hard data that is constantly updated.”

The company targets the largest areas of digital marketing spend and activity, collecting campaign performance data, including goals, costs and revenue from all of the significant sources of revenue and conversion in a company’s martech stack. This data includes Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, organic search, and SEO, as well as pay-per-click advertising, email and social marketing. Proprietary data science from conDati aggregates and consolidates this information into a single data asset, without the use of IT department or consulting resources.

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conDati Delivers Marketing Leaders with Descriptive Analytics to Illustrate Real-Time Financial and Goal Performance for Digital Campaigns

Currently, conDati provides analytics for digital marketing that helps companies drive value from their cloud-based marketing applications and improve the ROI from digital marketing. The company’s cloud-based data science application delivers the next generation of marketing analytics, creating a single unified data asset from siloed martech systems. This provides marketing leaders with descriptive analytics to illustrate real-time financial and goal performance for digital campaigns, as well as predictive analytics that delivers statistically meaningful forecasts of future campaign performance.

Within days, conDati can be up and running in no time, saving marketers time and money while delivering complete visibility and predictive analytics with just a few clicks. conDati helps marketers pinpoint the highest-performing programs and campaigns and enables the shifting of resources away from non-performing initiatives as needed – achieving greater return on digital marketing in a shorter period of time.

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Founded by a team of renowned data scientists and successful Silicon Valley executives, conDati has recently completed a $4.75 million Series A financing round.

Ken added, “Our mission is to transform marketing analytics from 1980s spreadsheet technology to state-of-the-art data science – overnight.”

conDati CEO elucidated, “By delivering a deep level of real-time understanding to marketers, we are empowering them to save time and money and to make better, more-informed decisions that improve business performance.”

Powerful and Intuitive Capabilities, Driven by Data Science

conDati revolutionizes the marketing analytics space by alleviating the need for marketers to log into multiple different dashboards and systems that only show a fraction of available marketing performance data. “A majority of marketing departments still run on spreadsheets, and it’s estimated that no more than three percent of marketing data ever gets used in analyses,” Gardner explained.

With conDati, marketing pros have instant access to a “guided tour” through every campaign, along with the ability to drill into lower levels in the campaign hierarchy, including Campaign, Channel, Source, Group, and Adword.

“With conDati, the ease of use and ease of understanding that consumers expect on their smartphones are being brought to the UI of an enterprise application,” Gardner said.

Easy-to-understand and easy-to-navigate visualizations display key analyses of marketing campaign performance, showing the status of campaigns in current, correct and complete terms, with the same frequency as the data source reports – typically at least once a day versus the hours and days currently required to aggregate, compile and report on marketing campaigns using manual techniques.

With the ability to aggregate and integrate all campaign data in one place, conDati is also the first application to deliver valid and rigorous predictive analytics about future campaign performance. It monitors all active campaigns for performance anomalies, both positive and negative, and triggers configurable alerts to marketing leaders as needed to investigate and take action. conDati also helps marketers calculate and demonstrate the value of marketing to the business overall and enables them to identify problems as they occur and to capitalize on opportunities as they happen.

“Marketing analytics based on incomplete and obsolete data are now a thing of the past,” commented John Zicker, Chief Data Scientist for conDati.

John added, “We’ve engineered a solution that reduces digital marketing costs while saving the elapsed time/data latency from the event to the insight. Marketing teams from here on out are going to be able to take control of their destinies, rather than waiting to see how they did.”

Scalable, Affordable Cloud Infrastructure and Customer Proof

conDati solutions leverage a world-class cloud infrastructure that delivers year-round reliability and scalability in order to provide the disruptive economics of the cloud to even small and mid-size companies. conDati delivers on-demand, affordable and actionable data science to online businesses, including initial conDati Marketing Analytics platform customers Discount Dance Supply and Pepperdine University, as well as other clients in e-commerce, higher education, and business-to-business technology. Each has used conDati-powered insights to change their digital marketing campaigns and business strategies dramatically for optimum results.

According to John Miller, CTO of Discount Dance Supply, conDati enables the company to identify issues, fine-tune strategy, and then adjust online marketing spend for maximum value.

John Miller added, “conDati has helped us identify the ‘super-Pareto’ nature of our digital campaigns – including holiday promotions and flash sales – by showing us where digital marketing spend is most effective. With the insights from conDati, we have consolidated our strategy and spending into our most successful channels, and our results are showing the impact.”

Future releases of the conDati Marketing Analytics platform will incorporate expanded data sources and visibility into more of nearly 7,000 cloud-based martech systems currently on the market. conDati will also release additional predictive analytics capabilities, empowering marketers to run “what-if” scenarios, optimize their programs, and continue to enhance marketing’s return on investment.

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