and WAX Form Strategic Partnership Will Provide WAX Users With Actionable Insights and Analytics into Their Social Media Content, the world’s first blockchain protocol for content creation, announced a partnership with Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), a decentralized marketplace that allows for the exchange of digital assets.

The partnership will benefit WAX’s 400+ million network of online video game players, publishers, and developers as well as’s network of brands and creators.

“We strongly believe in’s vision to allow us to seamlessly partner with a diverse group of Influencers to drive awareness for our brand and amplify our message,” said Malcolm CasSelle, President of WAX. “With that capability, they become valuable to our large gaming network.”

As WAX continues to expand its offerings, the team will work with’s network of influencers and robust platform tools to reach additional gamers and blockchain enthusiasts. will also provide WAX users, who are mostly gamers, with actionable insights and analytics into their social media content to help boost their individual brand and grow their audience.

“We look at WAX as a leader in the blockchain space and feel their core audience is a perfect compliment to our offering,” said Vishal Gurbuxani, Co-Founder of is the world’s first blockchain protocol that utilizes a token system to connect marketers with content creators. With over 500k creators using the platform to connect with top agencies and brands, is revolutionizing how brands connect with content creators. launched in 2017 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Captiv8, the world’s largest AI influencer marketing platform.

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