Global IDV Provider ComplyCube Unveils Improved Support for Arabic IDs

ComplyCube, the global verification platform, has announced that its document verification service has been further enhanced to improve accuracy and success rates for Arabic IDs by up to 98.7%. The service, available via APIs, SDKs, and no-code solutions, already supports IDs from most Arab countries, including Saudi ArabiaEgyptQatar, UAE, Jordan, and Bahrain.

ComplyCube’s document verification supports identity documents such as passports, identity cards, residence permits, and driving licenses from over 230 countries. The document checking service utilizes state-of-the-art Artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, and expert human reviewers to extract data attributes and perform 6 categories of analysis on ID documents, including detailed checks on visual security elements, daylight/ultraviolet chromatic profile, and font consistency to determine the authenticity of the analyzed documents reliably.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) platform also offers an “auto-fill” service that synchronously extracts data, using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), from over 10,000 supported document types, including visas, health cards, and other paper-based documents. The autofill feature is particularly attractive for businesses aiming to enrich customer records and implement a Single Customer View (SCV) framework.

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Adam Benfa, Product Manager at ComplyCube, said, “The Arab world, with nearly 500 million inhabitants and fast-paced economies, represents a massive opportunity for businesses worldwide. ComplyCube is delighted to help companies tap into these growing markets”.

However, regulatory requirements in the Middle East are more stringent than ever, potentially leading to high customer onboarding and non-compliance costs. Without the right compliance partner, these strict compliance measures often create high entry barriers for growing businesses.

“Our mission at ComplyCube is to empower businesses to easily expand globally while acquiring more customers more securely and with less friction. Therefore, we always strive to enhance our platform, language support, and the omnichannel capability across our services”, adds Adam.

ComplyCube leverages a multi-layered powerful Machine Learning (ML) stack and human reviewers to offer an all-in-one verification platform. This enables ComplyCube to provide an extensive and coherent array of checks, including AML Screening, PEP Checks, Document Authentication, Biometric Verification, and Address Verification.

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