Launches Neural Insights — New AI Tech to Reveal Millions in Hidden Value

Neural Insights, the new sales technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI), uncovers up to 30% more revenue using existing opportunities. See how it works here., the No. 1 artificial intelligence (AI) growth platform for sales, today announced the release of a new AI technology for sales, Neural Insights. The new technology allows businesses to find untapped value in their CRM by highlighting accounts or leads that have a high propensity to purchase, but have not been contacted by sales reps.

Neural Insights allows sales leaders to get millions of more revenue value out of the opportunities in their pipeline, without making additional investments.

With quota attainment at 60%, sales leaders need to step up or step out

“Average quota attainment per sales rep was a mere 60% in 2017, shows Labs data. What’s more, this number has been declining for the last five years, and it’s a major problem for sales departments around the world. Most sales leaders try to solve this problem by throwing sales bodies into the mix and adding sales capacity, or by just spending more on marketing. However, these efforts rarely pay off. Leaders often end up having to switch jobs and companies when targets are not met,” shows Dave Elkington, CEO of

“Instead of spending millions on hiring or attempting to create net new pipeline, sales leaders need to focus on maximizing value from their current opportunities. Our data shows that 75% of leads with the highest likelihood to buy are not even being engaged by sales reps,” added Elkington.

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AI sales technology helps sales leaders stay on track to reach quota – and keep their job

Neural Insights, the new sales technology from, uses machine learning algorithms to scan data in the CRM, and corroborates the findings with data from the InsideSales data set, as well as external sources. has the largest sales database in the world, with over 6 trillion cross-company data points and counting–which makes the AI predictions better than any sales acceleration software on the market.

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This sophisticated data analysis leads to revealing the most valuable leads that sales reps aren’t calling. The AI then highlights:

  • Missed Value: How much money have you left on the table?
  • Untapped Value: How many of your highest value leads go untouched?
  • Marginal Value: What’s the fastest way to get more value?

By answering these questions, has helped businesses gain visibility into their pipeline and uncover the hidden opportunities that sales reps should work on to reach their quota.

“Neural Insights truly is a sales insights discovery technology that makes the invisible revenue opportunities visible with AI. Sales teams and leaders constantly have millions of dollars of accounts and thousands of leads in their CRM, and no idea who is likely to buy from them–or what the results will be. They just keep buying new lists and slowly filtering through poor connections, until they once again miss their number. Neural Insights changes all that, and shows you exactly where the gold is in your pipeline,” said Suaad Sait, President of Growth at

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