Io-Tahoe embeds MongoDB’s document database at the heart of its Enterprise Data RPA platform so that customers can take advantage of its flexibility, scalability, and speed.

The partnership will help customers accelerate digital transformation by offering a streamlined 360 view of all enterprise data and deploying AI-enabled Digital Workers that automate otherwise manual processes for data professionals. Io-Tahoe’s Data RPA Platform delivers end users a real-time, single view of all their data across multiple systems, providing trust and confidence for those building digital business applications.

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“We’re excited to have Io-Tahoe as part of MongoDB’s ISV Design Success Program and look forward to helping them enable customers to automate data management,” said Sarah Branfman, MongoDB’s VP of ISV Partners. “Io-Tahoe’s decision to power its RPA Data Platform with MongoDB means our joint customers will be able to use our application development platform to build innovative and highly scalable applications faster. Our collaboration delivers unparalleled flexibility, scalability and speed when working across all types of enterprise data as well as industry-leading security features, giving them a clear edge over their competition when building digital business applications.”

Io-Tahoe’s Data RPA capabilities, including data quality management, ensure community and Enterprise customers can identify, classify, and remediate data quality across their entire estate to produce a single version of the truth with the ease of automation, no-code required.

As a Data RPA Partner, MongoDB helps customers access Io-Tahoe’s No-Code and Out of the Box 16 in 1 Enterprise Data RPA platform that includes sixteen powerful, fully integrated and cloud enabled data capabilities:

  • Automated Data Discovery
  • Data classification, Data Mapping & Knowledge Graph
  • Business Glossary matching and labelling
  • Data Lineage detection
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Data Quality Remediation
  • Data Reconciliation (matching data from many data sources down to a single object/column)
  • Data Ontology Builder (a human readable unified view of data across all data sources)
  • Adaptive Data Governance
  • Data Migration to MongoDB
  • Self-Service Access Data Catalog
  • Data360 for Reconciliation of data across systems & MDM
  • Data Redundancy Clean-Up
  • Regulatory Compliance (BCBS, CCPA, GDPR, HIPPA etc.)
  • Data Deduplication
  • Data Enrichment

“Organizations around the world are building smarter and more powerful applications to deliver their end-to-end digital customer experiences,” said Ajay Vohora, CEO, Io-Tahoe. “We know that being data driven and adopting DataOps is critical, but we also understand CIOs struggle to modernize their legacy data estate and manual workflows quickly. This is why we’re excited to work with MongoDB, and help customers automate the steps along the journey towards building a modern data platform in the cloud. Data RPA makes it easier and faster for individuals and organizations to automate the heavy lift involved with repetitive data tasks that have previously been too complex and expensive to complete with manual effort alone.”

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