Kyndi Named 2021 Frost & Sullivan North America Entrepreneurial Company of the Year for Excellence in Natural Language Processing

Company recognized for innovation, revolutionary AI-powered platform, and natural language search that delivers business users highly relevant information at unprecedented speed

Kyndi, creators of the leading AI-powered and human-centered platform that empowers people to do their most meaningful work, announced that it has been awarded the North America Entrepreneurial Company of the Year by research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. Kyndi was acknowledged for its game-changing Kyndi Platform for the Natural-Language-Enabled Enterprise, its customer-centric approach, and strong overall performance.

“Today, approximately 80% of the information in most organizations is unstructured text. Companies cannot gain actionable insights from this data because current manual and enterprise search solutions cannot find the hidden intelligence,” said Hemangi Patel, senior research analyst for Frost & Sullivan. “Kyndi is at the forefront of providing AI-powered NLP solutions that empower human learning, decision making and execution. By understanding the organization, its products, processes, and company-specific vocabulary, Kyndi supports the centralization and use of institutional knowledge across multiple subject domains while simultaneously optimizing for individual business processes.”

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The Kyndi Platform for the Natural-Language-Enabled Enterprise helps organizations build confidence and trust by providing evidence and explanations for the interactions between humans and machines. The solution adapts and grows with customers in near real time without employing a multitude of AI experts, allowing users to analyze long-form text and find actionable insights with speed, precision, and transparency unmatched by the competition. Frost & Sullivan credited the Kyndi Platform for the Natural-Language-Enabled Enterprise for offering competitive advantages such as:

  • Efficiency. Delivers fast, effective, and efficient business outcomes compared to competitive offerings in the market today. The Platform enables users to analyze and categorize the vast amount of complex text within minutes to hours, offering actionable insights quickly. As a result, users can start to make well-informed decisions and drive changes to their processes much faster than typical projects that take approximately eight to nine months on average. In this regard, Kyndi enables customers to return their investment in less than 90 days on average compared to competitive offerings that generally take five years or more.
  • Precision: Maps and connects versatile topics, providing customers with comprehensive insights to track trends and prioritize data for further evaluation. As a result, Kyndi’s solution enables clients to improve user productivity while also ensuring they have an auditable trail of reasoning if they have to explain their output to regulators or stakeholders.
  • Versatility: Possesses highly adaptable functionality and lexicon capabilities that customers across different verticals can adapt to their domain-specific language. To this end, Kyndi offers tools that allow users to train Kyndi’s platform to understand their company-specific lexicon without requiring any specialized AI experience.

“Our mission is to ensure that humans and AI work together to profoundly impact top- and bottom-line performance in a way that neither could achieve independently,” said Ryan Welsh, founder and CEO of Kyndi. “We are thrilled to be acknowledged by Frost & Sullivan for enabling our customers to reap benefits of our platform for the Natural Language Enabled Enterprise and, more importantly, for providing highly relevant and context-driven information with unprecedented speed so that humans are empowered to do their most meaningful work.”

Each year Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that demonstrates excellence in devising a strong growth strategy based on a visionary understanding of the future and effectively addressing new challenges and opportunities resulting in significant customer impact. The recipient must show strength in product and technology innovation, leadership in customer value, as well as speed in responding to market needs. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analyses, and extensive secondary research to identify industry best practices.

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