New DataRobot University Certification Brings the Power of AI Cloud to Citizen Data Scientists

Certification enables citizen users to harness DataRobot AI Cloud to solve complex business problems, accelerate innovation

AI Cloud leader DataRobot today launched its first professional certification for Citizen Data Scientists, the Citizen Data Scientists Professional Certification. This new addition to the DataRobot University (DRU) curriculum puts the power of DataRobot’s AI Cloud in the hands of citizen data scientists so they can make trusted predictions and solve their business’s most challenging problems.

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“Citizen Data Scientists are highly capable of using AI to solve business problems with the right technology and opportunity”

The certification furthers DataRobot’s mission to democratize access to AI for all users, offering citizen data scientists the opportunity to upskill and earn a formal credential in driving innovation using automated AI.

Citizen data scientists are users who use data science tools to perform data analytics despite having a non-technical primary job function. With job postings for data science roles outpacing searches by three times, such employees are key to filling talent gaps within organizations and are critical to delivering AI capabilities to businesses at the speed and scale required.

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The DataRobot certification helps businesses navigate this by offering a formal certification for citizen data scientists who have the skills to solve business problems using automated AI with DataRobot. This gives businesses the clarity they need to understand the skills that already exist within their organization and effectively utilize citizen data scientists’ talent.

“Citizen Data Scientists are highly capable of using AI to solve business problems with the right technology and opportunity,” said Sharon Castillo, VP of Global Education at DataRobot. “Users currently using DataRobot are becoming skilled at putting machine learning to work, and the DataRobot certification will further empower them to help their organizations optimize data.”

DataRobot University offers educational programs with a relentlessly practical approach using applied learning to help employees use DataRobot to make smart, data-driven decisions. There are role-based learning paths tailored to the user’s skill level and area of interest, with on-demand self-paced or instructor-led trainings to accommodate different learning preferences.

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