Pantheon and Lytics Partner to Bring Personalization Within Reach via Google Generative AI


Pantheon and Lytics announce new partnership to help companies transform their use of first party data, modernize their marketing with Generative AI and deliver on the promise of personalization

Pantheon, the SaaS-based website operations (WebOps) platform for developers, designers and marketers, has announced a partnership with Lytics, the premier customer data platform (CDP) for Google Cloud customers and 100% Google Cloud-native CDP, at Google Cloud Next ‘24. Together, Lytics and Pantheon are providing mutual customers with free access to Lytics’ Personalization Engine, giving digital marketing teams an unprecedented opportunity: to get up and running with website personalization in days, not quarters, address an imminent cookie-less future, and leverage cutting-edge generative AI technology.

“This partnership enables every company to modernize their marketing with Generative AI and enable a seamless transition away from third-party cookies”

The partnership aims to disrupt how teams think about customer data and digital experiences, to radically democratize access to personalization, and give visitors what they want. By bringing direct integration between Pantheon-powered WordPress or Drupal websites and Lytics’ powerful first-party data Personalization Engine with no up-front cost, customers can have website personalization up and running in 30 days, a sharp contrast with the status quo in the market, which is complex, resource-intensive, and slow, often requiring quarters of effort before anything can launch.

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“Most web teams aspire to personalization, but they are stuck. Complexity has kept it out of scope for many, and in other cases even driven projects off the rails. But the web as a channel is only becoming more vital for growth and customer experience, and we all know that website personalization drives better results. I’m thrilled to give web teams everywhere access to this important lever to hit their goals,” said Pantheon CEO Zack Rosen.

Together, Pantheon and Lytics unlock an approach to personalization that doesn’t rely on the third-party cookies or the traditional tag-based approach, which can undermine the end user experience, particularly on mobile devices. By vertically integrating the critical path for personalizing experiences on users’ devices, Pantheon and Lytics not only ensure high performance today, they also prepare customers for the transition to a world of first-party data and Google’s Privacy Sandbox.

“This partnership enables every company to modernize their marketing with Generative AI and enable a seamless transition away from third-party cookies,” said Lytics CEO James McDermott. “Personalization has been too difficult and something only a few companies have been able to achieve. But the rules of the game are changing; a new generation of technology is rising that can empower much broader adoption of the proven value of getting the right content to the right visitor at the right time.”

Breaking from the norm of massively scoped strategies and multi-year implementation roadmaps, Pantheon plus Lytics offers a radically accelerated on-ramp to personalization, with the effort of running ongoing campaigns brought down by an order of magnitude via the intelligent application of Google’s Generative AI capabilities.

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Machine learning can analyze visitor behavior and content to identify hot spots, allowing customers to focus on the 20% of touchpoints that generate 80% of the uplift. Generative AI can then be applied to help creators fill content strategy gaps by suggesting content for a given audience, depending on their point in the customer journey.

“The biggest challenge of personalization is that so many teams underestimate the effort required to build and maintain audience-specific content. This is a place where AI can really help out; by applying the latest in generative models, using signals about audience preferences from the CDP, it’s suddenly manageable to cater to multiple audiences without doubling or tripling the content production workload,” said Paul Tepfenhar, Global Director – Retail and Consumer Solutions, Google Cloud.

In an evolving data privacy and digital landscape, Pantheon and Lytics’ 100% GCP-native partnership enables shared customers to capitalize on Google’s ongoing and forthcoming innovations. The collaboration will not only enhance clients’ capabilities but also offer a direct path to leveraging Google’s comprehensive suite and benefits to gain a competitive edge in the months and years ahead.

Lytics Personalization Engine is available today to Pantheon customers and digital agency partners.

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