Signal AI Announces “Dashboards” to Power the Rise of the Chief Communications Officer

Signal AI, a strategic communications tool provider that uses AI to interpret the world’s media empowering better decisions, announced the launch of their new “Dashboards” product. The new AI-powered tool can compare competitors and index risk and opportunity in real time, reframing the way communication teams and leaders set out strategy and report to the C-suite.

Signal AI has emerged as a leading disruptor in the PR and communications market recently through the use of “trainable” artificial intelligence, allowing customers to customise the Signal AI platform to spot, interpret and recommend key media and reputation insights. The Signal AI platform provides strategic insight and intelligent data interpretation, tracking emerging issues and topical insights for communications planning.  The platform’s brain, named AIQ, can read and interpret over 5 million documents a day, from global news, broadcast, regulatory and written media data from over 100 languages and surface critical media intelligence in real time.

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The new “Dashboards” product has been developed in response to the emerging need of the Chief Communications Officer and comms leaders to create insight-led communication plans, and align more closely to the goals of their business with their communications strategy. The product release comes with a whole new set of AI-powered real time visualized analytics available at the click of a button to power a new way to plan and strategize, horizon scan, report and no longer just to simply monitor the news landscape, and marks a step change in the way comms teams have traditionally used media insight tools.

Crucially the product release enables communications leaders to answer the questions they are now expected to answer, rather than just report on outdated metrics and coverage reporting, for example: 
  • What trends, threats and opportunities are emerging in my market?

  • Are our PR, comms and corporate activities driving positive or negative perception? How is sentiment towards my brand changing in real time, over time?

Dashboards also removes the need for manual analysis enabling teams to report to stakeholders as frequently as needed. Communications teams can now help their C-suite and board members look beyond their immediate ecosystem and consider what other opportunities or risks might be on the horizon, by training up the platform to spot emerging themes or trends associated with the business, ahead of time. Dashboards allows customers to see and to share chart snapshots as a story is unfolding so the insights can be shared in real time and support decision making when it is most critical.

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David Benigson, CEO and Founder, Signal AI said, “At Signal AI we see the chief communications officer as a strategic advisor to the C-Suite. “Dashboards” can show you and your competitor’s sentiment in real time, allowing you to spot both risks and opportunities and set strategy accordingly. As a CEO and Dashboards early adopter myself, along with my CCO and comms team, I can say that Dashboards does not only help me and the leadership team at Signal AI with board reporting, but also with setting out our quarterly and annual business strategy.”

With Dashboards, clients can:
  • See how company’s prominence sits within a set topic and feed into strategic planning accordingly

  • See how reputation compares to a competitor’s within a set topic and create graphs to illustrate insights in real time, at the click of a button

  • Add relationships to the dashboards to create real time graphs and analysis, including People, Topics and Competitors

  • Filter the results based on any feeds including target media, key topics, regions and products

  • Set up full scale analytics functionality across all searches

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