Simporter Artificial Intelligence Predicts Which Products Face Surging Demand as People Isolate at Home

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Combining Covid-19 caseload data with search and sales information to predict which products will become hard to find

Artificial intelligence company Simporter launched new software that predicts which products are next in line to see a spike in shopper demand. Called the Epidemic Demand Surge Protector, it makes these predictions so manufacturers and retailers can keep up supply levels for OTC medicine, food, and household items.

While toilet paper remains elusive, many other products are hard to find as people isolate at home, dramatically shifting traffic and consumption patterns.

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An enterprise version, which includes Nielsen Retail Measurement and Product Reference data as one information source, is available for license to manufacturers or retailers who want to track all their products.

“People’s lives are turned upside down from COVID-19. We created this software to help,” said Dillon Hall, Simporter’s co-founder. “If used effectively, we can ensure millions of people get the supplies they need from their local stores to minimize shopping trips and reduce risks of community transmission”

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Simporter’s Epidemic Demand Surge Protector predicts which categories and brands will see the biggest surge in demand over a rolling 4-week period. It shows the ten highest-demand products for each major city. The A.I. analyzes three real-time data sources:

  • Active and cumulative Covid-19 case trends by state.
  • Consumer interest trends for products and brands from search traffic data.
  • Retail sales and store distribution patterns

“When people can’t find certain products, like their preferred baby formula, our data shows they travel further or revisit stores more often,” said Tim Hall, Simporter’s co-founder. “This new software provides transparency into consumer demand, so supply problems get tackled sooner.”

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