Unveiling Artsai, The First Artificial Intelligence Solution to Consolidate the Marketing Stack

Self-funded by Serial Entrepreneurs and ex-NativeX exec, The Already-Profitable Company Uses Artificial Intelligence To Learn Across Platforms And Eliminates The Need For Disparate Marketing Vendors

Artsai has announced that it is coming out of stealth mode to unveil the first and only platform that uses artificial intelligence technology to consolidate the marketing stack for brands and publishers so they can leverage previously siloed data insights and optimize the entire customer lifecycle journey for dramatically increased efficiency.

Artsai, which already counts brands like Lyft and Pandora as customers, has not raised any venture capital and is already generating eight figures in annual revenue.

Currently, Artsai is operating as a pioneering company that uses artificial intelligence to optimize the entire customer lifecycle journey and consolidate the marketing stack. The company is led by Yuri Khidekel, a serial entrepreneur, and Erik Lundberg, a martech veteran. Prior to founding Artsai with his own money and serving as CEO, Khidekel founded and sold two other technology companies, and also served as the CTO of Identix and the EVP of Bioscrypt. Lundberg, Chief Revenue Officer, previously served as VP and GM at nativeX (acquired by MobVista), founded AddRev, and led revenue for Kleiner Perkins-backed pogo.com, which was acquired by EA.

Adaptive Marketing Automation: The Power of One-in-All Marketing Technologies

According to research by Forrester, brand marketers are currently juggling an average of five to ten disconnected marketing technologies and vendors. This creates major inefficiencies and increases costs, while decreasing campaign performance, and revenue.

At the time of this announcement, we spoke to Yuri Khidekel, CEO at Artsai to dive deeper into the idea behind launching the company.

Yuri Khidekel
Yuri Khidekel

Yuri explained, “There’s a huge oversaturation in the marketing industry, with each one of the more than 5,000 companies in the ecosystem. Brand marketers are currently juggling an average of five to ten disconnected marketing technologies and vendors. Artsai is a user-centric and focuses on optimizing the whole customer digital journey rather than on disconnected marketing functions. We call our approach adaptive marketing automation as we adapt marketing to the whole user digital  journey instead of splitting it into disjoint pieces. Artsai’s AI enabled stack of solutions continuously tracks user engagements across all digital environments and optimizes the next user engagement with the marketer based on previous user engagements replacing multiple disconnected marketing products.”

Artsai is uniquely consolidating and disrupting the martech industry by vertically integrating the current piecemeal model with artificial intelligence. Artsai’s adaptive marketing automation platform is the first and only solution that uses artificial intelligence to address the whole user digital journey and make the entire marketing stack efficient, rather than focusing on incremental improvements to ad performance.

What would Artsai look like in 2020?

We asked Yuri about the future roadmap for Artsai in a heavily invested AI-enabled customer journey analytic market. Yuri had wise words to say. He said, “Right now, as we come out of stealth mode, we’re focusing most closely on using our patent-pending technology to help as many brands as possible deliver their message as efficiently as possible. We actively work on realizing full potential of our machine learning technology so that we could learn better from the past user engagements and generate even better insights for our customers. It’s also important to note that while analytics is an important part of what we do, we are much more than an analytics company.”

Even customers agree to the CEO’s vision.

Brian Mikalis, SVP of Monetization at Pandora, said, “Artsai is the marketing technology that we’ve been looking for.”

Currently, Artsai has two 75-page patents pending and our adaptive marketing automation technology is powered by an interconnected artificial intelligence marketing stack, which performs multiple marketing tasks, such as new customer acquisition, user retention, retargeting, re-engagement, app monetization and content optimization.

Yuri mentioned that Artsai’s technology is a potent option to study and optimize the entire customer lifecycle. The AI-enabled technology adapts automatically as the user travels through the various stages of their journey.

Brian Mikalis
Brian Mikalis

Brian added, “Previously, our marketers spent most of their time going back and forth between multiple platforms trying to reconcile them with each other. We were surprised to find out just how inefficient this process was when we started using Artsai. With Artsai’s complete end-to-end platform, we’ve been able to monetize and understand customers better with hyper-personal creative and data optimization, while reducing our customer acquisition and re-engagement costs.”

Artsai’s patent-pending adaptive marketing automation technology is powered by an interconnected artificial intelligence marketing stack and performs multiple marketing tasks including new customer acquisition, user retention, retargeting, re-engagement, app monetization and content optimization. The entire customer lifecycle is optimized as a whole as the user travels through the various stages of their journey and interacts with digital properties. Brands and publishers can seamlessly adapt creative content and track audiences across different digital environments including programmatic exchanges, social media, premium publishers and marketer’s own digital properties, maintaining a hyper-relevant consumer conversation consistent with the customer’s previous engagements with the brand.

By consolidating several marketing functions into one streamlined platform, Artsai optimizes creative and content for each individual user as they move through every step of the customer journey. This allows marketing to be smarter, more effective, and ultimately more cost-efficient. Artsai’s customers include iconic brands like PandoraLyftWishMatchTurboTax and King. Headquartered in San Francisco, Artsai was founded by Yuri Khidekel and Erik Lundberg.

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