Voicesense Wins Excellence in Customer Service’s Technology of the Year Award

Company’s Voice-Based Predictive Analytics Technology Acknowledged for Enabling Call Centers to Accurately Forecast Behavioral Tendencies and Provide Personalized Customer Service

 Voicesense, an innovative provider of voice-based predictive analytics solutions, announced that the company has won the Excellence in Customer Service Award in the category for the Technology of the Year.

Voicesense has won this award for its voice-based predictive analytics technology that enables call centers to accurately forecast consumer behavioral tendencies and provide customers with personalized service.

The Excellence in Customer Service is an annual awards program recognizing technology vendors that are helping companies better communicate with their customers to provide a differentiated level of customer service.

The Voicesense technology provides customer service operations with an automated framework for predicting the behaviors of customers during live operations. For each voice-based interaction in a customer service call center, the Voicesense technology builds an AI-driven personal profile for each customer and a predictive score for the customer’s potential behaviors in different use cases and scenarios. The technology creates this personal profile and predictive score by analyzing over 200 prosodic parameters of a person’s speech, which are the non-content features of speech, such as intonation, pace and emphasis.

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For example, the Voicesense application provides real-time indicators of customers that are dissatisfied and at risk of churning. These indicators can be leveraged by customer service agents and managers to initiate retention activities. The application also provides predictions for a customer’s loyalty style, such tendencies for long term value or inclinations for short term promotions, which can be leveraged by agents in their retention efforts.

The Voicesense application also provides marketing and sales agents with immediate go/no-go indications regarding each customer’s purchasing probability, allowing agents to focus on those customer interactions with high revenue-generating potential. For each customer, the Voicesense application also provides the agent with guidance on sales approaches based on the customer’s individual buying preferences, such as focusing on pricing, product strengths or brand quality.

“We recently released a new version of our offering for call centers and are experiencing strong demand for the technology from call and service centers in many verticals from telcos to financial services to healthcare and more,” stated Yoav Degani, CEO of Voicesense. “We are proud to say that our voice-based predictive analytics solution is based on award winning technology.”

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While most speech analytics solutions available in the market today revolve around emotion detection and an analysis of speech content, the Voicesense technology offers unique value by focusing on the non-verbal aspects of the speech, which act as the real-time indicators on the current state-of-mind of customers and can be used by call center agents to tailor interactions according to a customer’s individual behavioral inclinations.

By analyzing customer interactions in real-time, the Voicesense technology provides an important advantage over existing predictive analytics approaches, which rely on historical or offline data for analysis and have limited applications for live customer service operations.

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