WalkMe Launches Growth Edition Solution for SaaS and Web-Based Companies

World’s First AI-Powered Digital Adoption Solution to Accelerate Customer Retention and Growth

WalkMe, the leading digital adoption platform and one of the fastest-growing software companies globally, announced that it has launched WalkMe Growth Edition, an AI-powered solution specifically geared towards customer-centric growth companies. Using WalkMe Growth Edition, SaaS and web-based companies can analyze, predict and take action on user behavior, resulting in greater customer retention and business growth.

WalkMe Growth Edition aggregates hundreds of cues and parameters, allowing companies to predict the intentions and future behaviors of their customers to engage with them at precisely the right moment. WalkMe Growth Edition provides an end-to-end solution for the entire customer lifecycle – from trial conversion, through onboarding, feature adoption, retention and expansion.

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WalkMe Growth Edition offers the following industry-leading features:

  • Guidance and engagement tools – Create highly customized and specific step-by-step guidance within any SaaS application or website.
  • Predictive analytics engine – Collect data points in real-time to automatically target specific users with the right message, improving user experience and reducing churn risk.
  • User-session video replays – Access videos of individual users’ sessions within the application, to identify common pitfalls and rectify any issues.
  • Fully integrated solution – Drive proactive action across sales, customer success and support teams by leveraging seamless integrations with Salesforce.com, Gainsight and other platforms.
Rossi Khoung

“As a hyper-growth company, the ability to scale is of utmost importance for our long term success. WalkMe’s robust offering allows us to improve the customer experience and expand beyond our immediate business opportunities,” said Rossi Khoung, Head of Customer Success at Datanyze. “Without sacrificing R&D resources, WalkMe’s technology makes it simple to ensure our customers are seeing value from our product, and proactively handling any customer risk.”

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To help high-growth companies take advantage of WalkMe’s vast experience in the Digital Adoption space, WalkMe has created a Center of Excellence, based in Raleigh, North Carolina. WalkMe Growth Edition’s customers will benefit from the dedicated product, sales and customer success teams with best practices on how to enhance the customer experience.

Omer Rabin

“After selling to more than a thousand customers in the SaaS and web ecosystem, we’ve accumulated the deep insights and expertise to help growth companies accelerate time to market, maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, deliver stellar outcomes and ultimately serve as the backbone for continual growth,” said Omer Rabin, Managing Director, WalkMe Growth Edition. “WalkMe Growth Edition continues our goal of providing organizations of all sizes with the deep analytics and insights to improve the customer experience, and surpassing users’ requirements.”

WalkMe Growth Edition is available now. WalkMe will be hosting a webinar with fast-growing health tech company AlayaCare on April 18, 11am PT to discuss how WalkMe Growth Edition can deliver customer experience at scale.

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