WISeKey Announces the Launch of “The Code to The Metaverse” an Interactive Multi-Media Platform at Davos Event

TransHuman Code Authors, Carlos Moreira and David Fergusson Introduce ‘The Code to The Metaverse’ at Davos Event

WISeKey International Holding Ltd , a leading cybersecurity, IoT and AI company, announced that its CEO and founder, Carlos Moreira and David Fergusson, Executive Managing Director, M&A at Generational Equity, introduced their latest project, The Code to The Metaverse at Davos event.

In the bestselling 2019 book, The transHuman Code, Carlos Moreira and David Fergusson offered a carefully curated take on the essential conversations that will determine if technology will upgrade or undermine our humanity. Born at Davos event, through multiple conversations and workshops, fittingly, it could be argued that the book’s origin was decentralized.

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“At unprecedented speed, the expanding frontier of the Metaverse is now stretching well beyond its ‘Second Life’ gaming roots,” said Mr. Fergusson at the launch event. “In the most dramatic technological innovation of the last decade, we are truly at the threshold of our future lives as we build the bridges between our physical universe and the Metaverse.”

“However, the founding premise of The transHuman Code still holds true as we venture into the unknown of the Metaverse,” said Mr. Moreira. “Firstly, that the Human is greatest technology of all and, most importantly, that it is paramount to keep humans at the center of gravity in this technological revolution.”

In a series of events at the 2022 annual Davos gathering of business, policy and philanthropic leaders, Moreira and Fergusson announced the sequel to The transHuman Code with the creation of the new groundbreaking multi-media platform – The Code to The Metaverse. Through the interactive series, participants, viewers and readers will be invited backstage into the laboratories and into the Metaverse to experience their future in this 3D virtual realm.

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To provide a glimpse into what’s coming, the authors engaged 6 Metaverse pioneers to discuss how the rapidly evolving gateways into and tools for the Metaverse will transform our personal, professional & social life experiences in ways unimagined. Joining Carlos Moreira and David Fergusson were:

  • Hossein Rahnama, CEO, Flybits Inc.; Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University and MIT Media Lab
  • Roxy Liu, Director, Eureka Meta Capital
  • David Shrier, CEO & Co-Founder Esme Learning Solutions; Professor, Imperial College
  • Mrinal Manohar, CEO CasperLabs
  • Gunter Pauli, Founder, Blue Economy, Director, Zero Emissions Research Initiative
  • Monsignor Lucio Adrian Ruiz, Secretary Dicastery of Communication, Holy See

Offering exclusive insights and announcing dynamic initiatives, the contributors all echoed a common theme: The Metaverse will have a dramatic impact on how we socialize, work, and learn in the future. At the forefront of the collective agreement, Carlos Moreira and David Fergusson aligned with the esteemed technology innovators on the premise that all people be able engage safely and with confidence in the Metaverse so that we as individuals, are respected and treated fairly on all virtual platforms.

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