Apace Cloud Channel CC+ Enables Media Collaborative Communication & Access with Facial AI and Transcription

Optimized for Search via annotations, faces and transcription on any digital objects, frames and timecode

Apace, a leading cloud-based media workflow management solution provider, announces availability of Facial AI and Transcription for automated video media search.

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Cloud Channel (CC) enables media collaboration, communication and interactive repository for enterprises, internally for employees or externally with customers and partners. CC provides annotations, search, threaded chat, channels, …at timecode/ frames, images or documents.
Enterprises can use it for,

• Manage Zoom/Teams video calls by annotating, searching, chatting, on captions at occurring timecode
• Interactive repository of enterprise video, pictures, audio, and documents for (private) archive, collaboration, click to share at timecode with a phone or
• Training, support, marketing/sales…or photo records of business expenses via phone immediately
• Async virtual events; review and approval.
CC+ Facial AI and transcription of speech use latest intelligent technology to auto scan large scale media dataset without costly manual process

“AI and transcription make media more accessible and useful in scale. Combining with mobile phone, Cloud Channel makes video media a powerful and efficient tool for business.” said Dr. Lee President and CTO of Apace.

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