Wise Agent CRM Releases Artificial Intelligence Bot for Qualifying Real Estate Leads

Wise Agent has released an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bot to act as an assistant to real estate professionals, saving them time when qualifying and following up with online leads. The AI Bot uses industry-proven real estate scripts to engage and qualify real estate leads and nurture existing leads.

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Powered by Structurely, the leader in conversational AI technology for sales and marketing, Wise Agent’s AI Bot automatically qualifies new leads added through Wise Agent’s Lead Management tool. Once leads are added to the database, the AI Bot immediately follows up with new leads and has meaningful conversations to discern whether they are looking to buy, sell, secure a loan, or rent.

Wise Agent’s AI Bot delivers intelligent real estate lead conversion with a human touch through an engaging and respectful conversation. The AI Bot can be given any name, making them feel like a true part of any real estate team. The AI assistant is anything but robotic, adding in human elements such as correcting typos and using emojis. Wise Agent’s AI Bot is flexible with leads that are “just-looking” while handling objections and following up with leads for over a year.

“Adding an Artificial Intelligence bot to Wise Agent is another exciting feature created to help our members use new technology to their advantage. The majority of REALTORS® have never actually used an AI Bot because it hasn’t been easy or affordable,” explains Brandon Wise, Wise Agent CEO and Founder. “Our Wise Agent members have a valuable new assistant that works around the clock and will immediately respond, qualify, and nurture leads for up to 12-months with real conversations that turn leads into clients.”

Once a lead has set up an appointment time or requested to speak further with an agent, Wise Agent’s AI Bot will notify the real estate agent that the lead is ready to be handed off through text message. Once an agent receives the text, they can review the conversation, and the AI Bot is easily paused, allowing agents to take over the conversation seamlessly.

“Our partnership with Wise Agent to offer a solution to engage, nurture and qualify leads is exactly what we hear real estate agents and teams asking for,” says Nate Joens, Co-Founder and Head of Innovation for Structurely. “The deep integration with the AI built directly into Wise Agent gives agents the ability to work right from the CRM like they always have. Except now, they have an AI assistant working alongside them, right in their CRM.”

The AI Assistant stays persistent in intelligent follow-up, nurturing unresponsive leads 25 times over 12 months. Though the average online lead converts between the 2nd and 12th contact attempts, 80% of real estate agents stop contacting leads after the 3rd attempt. Wise Agent’s AI Bot never gets discouraged and stays consistent with leads long after other agents have dropped off.

Real estate professionals leveraging this AI technology can keep a close eye on all AI Bot conversations right from Wise Agent, either through the contact summary page or on the go through Wise Agent’s mobile web app. AI Bot conversations can be started, paused, or resumed from either of these platforms as well, giving busy agents complete control, even when on the go.

Wise Agent’s goal for integrating the AI Bot is to solve the common issue of real estate agents’ leads sitting idly in a database with no follow-up. The AI Bot allows agents to scale the ability to build relationships with clients significantly through initiating the conversation with new potential clients.

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