Augmented-Reality Capabilities of Manifest Work-Instruction Platform Showcased at Mobile World Congress

Taqtile - AOTMP®

Next week at Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas, the augmented-reality based Manifest work-instruction platform will be showcased in two locations. Designed by Taqtile, Inc., the leader in augmented reality (AR)-based work-instruction solutions, the combination of Manifest, 5G, and edge-compute enables companies to deliver highly secure, AR-enabled knowledge and guidance to its frontline workers, wherever the job takes them.

“The momentum for enterprise-level 5G continues to grow as companies recognize the unique benefits and efficiencies this network technology delivers”

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The Manifest solution will be on display in the following locations:

  • T-Mobile – Provider of advanced network solutions, including 5G, for business
    • booth # W.1 1500
  • GXC – Provider of enterprise 5G networks based on a cellular mesh architecture
    • September 29 at the “Under the Tower” event, Paris Hotel

The ability to run Manifest in a variety of cloud and network environments, including private 5G networks, provides valuable flexibility to customers and is a key differentiator for Manifest. As a SaaS platform, Manifest is optimized for distinct network architectures, such as the cloud, Microsoft’s Azure cloud environment, mobile 5G and multi-access edge computing networks, and even private mobile networks such as those offered by T-Mobile. Organizations that prefer to run Manifest entirely on premises have that option as well.

“The momentum for enterprise-level 5G continues to grow as companies recognize the unique benefits and efficiencies this network technology delivers,” explains Joe Clukey, VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships, Taqtile. “Deployment of worker-empowering technology like Manifest and the networks they run on are strategic investments many enterprises have thoroughly evaluated and are rapidly implementing.”

With Manifest and a head-mounted display or iPad, deskless workers can intuitively access digital manuals and guidance, equipment-specific maintenance and repair procedures, animated 3D models, step-by-step videos, detailed holograms, and other invaluable company-centric knowledge, increasing maintenance and repair efficiencies, and improving safety. This information is delivered right at the location of the equipment, resulting in faster training and flawless execution of critical procedures. When instances arise where more detailed instruction is required, live remote assistance from the company’s operations center or even from equipment OEMs is available.

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