EazyML Introduces Augmented Intelligence: Go From Data To Decisions In Minutes

Make actionable data-driven decisions. Mine data automatically and comprehensively for various use cases and better outcomes.

EazyML , an IPsoft spin-off that created the automated, Transparent Machine Learning Platform announces their newest offering – Augmented Intelligence. Gartner defines Augmented Intelligence as: “A design pattern for a human-centered partnership model of people and artificial intelligence (AI) working together to enhance cognitive performance, including learning, decision making and new experiences.” Further, Gartner projects Augmented Intelligence generating nearly $2.9T of value by the end of 2021.

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Simply said, EazyML enables users to fully understand and validate model outputs using explainable AI, while Augmented Intelligence automates the process of deriving comprehensive insights from massive amounts of numerical and natural language data held by large financial, healthcare, insurance, and other institutions. Furthermore, EazyML proprietary patent-pending confidence scoring of the predictions and insights serves as actionable intelligence – the user can prioritize the results, selecting ones with high confidence to drive decision-making, ignoring the others.

EazyML has partnered with Oracle Corporation to bring several use cases to customers in the Financial, Insurance and Healthcare markets. One such use cases tackles the universal problem of corporate resource allocation where many companies are challenged with the lack of efficiency when choosing projects to fund and how to effectively staff them. Utilizing Augmented Intelligence, the Oracle/EazyML solution tackles the significant waste of resources that most companies suffer from by enabling management to quickly ingest, analyze, validate, and output the best projects to target, fund and staff most efficiently.

EazyML integrates with industry leading Business Intelligence (BI) tools using standard API interfaces. It is easy to try and easy to deploy. EazyML, as the name implies, has made a conscious effort to implement such a platform via an intuitive and easy to use GUI. For advanced enterprise users, its APIs are straightforward to integrate in the workflow. Best of all the EazyML service model includes professional services to ensure it meets your business objectives.

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