Vuzix AR Industry Leadership Broadly Displayed at CES 2020

New AR Smart Glasses Products and Numerous Partnership Presentations Will Be on Display

Vuzix Corporation, a leading supplier of Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technology and products, is pleased to report a robust presence at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show currently being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to the introductions of the Vuzix M4000 Smart Glasses and Vuzix Smart Swim, which were covered in greater detail in separate press releases, there will be numerous Vuzix partners demonstrating their solutions in conjunction with Vuzix products both at the Vuzix booth (#14441 in the LVCC Center Hall) or elsewhere as indicated:

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  • 1Minuut Innovation, a Dutch designer and supplier of innovative technological solutions for healthcare, will be showcasing Genzõ, a mobile software platform. Genzõ facilitates an easy-to-use, secure mobile communications platform to chat or video call over the Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses. Vuzix Smart Glasses with Genzõ delivers medical expertise for wound care without distance limitations by connecting a wound care specialist to an onsite care practitioner.  The Point of View (PoV) of the care practitioner wearing the Vuzix Smart Glasses makes it easy for external highly skilled colleagues to give help. The care practitioner can have their hands free all the time while receiving visual and voice expert feedback on their Vuzix Smart Glasses. Using AR overlays, Genzõ makes it easy to point to a certain area on the live video screen or give textual feedback.
  • AR Experts, a German-based company that has been pioneering the AR industry for the last 15 years with a focus on logistics, training and field service, is demonstrating high-frequency warehouse vision picking with Vuzix Blade and the ProGlove scanner.
  • Inseego, a San Diego-based industry pioneer in 5G and intelligent IoT device-to-cloud solutions that enable high-performance mobile applications for large enterprise verticals, service providers and small-medium businesses around the globe, will be powering many of the Vuzix’ connected enterprise worker smart glasses demos with 5G services courtesy of the 5G MiFi 1000, the first mobile hotspot with 5G Ultra Wideband connectivity on Verizon’s 5G network and the MiFi 8000 running on the Sprint Curiosity™ core IoT network.
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research Division (PSCR) will be demonstrating an augmented reality traffic stop scenario for first responders that used the Vuzix Blade. This demonstration intends to simulate the kind of technology that could eventually be integrated into first responder eyewear to provide field of view information that is unobtrusive to the user.
  • ProGlove, a German engineering company that has empowered more than 315,000 enterprise workers across automotive, manufacturing, logistics, retail and aviation, is demonstrating high-frequency warehouse vision picking with Vuzix Blade and AR Experts. ProGlove is a wearable barcode scanner for enterprise that was designed for low-frequency scanning environments. ProGlove is saving time and preventing errors during picking, sequencing, assembly and inbound logistics and at the same time ensuring safety because the workers can process items with a tighter grip and greater care.
  • Ride-On Vision, an Israeli-based designer and supplier of augmented reality ski goggles based on the Vuzix Blade, will have its Ride-On Smart Ski Goggles on display at the Vuzix Booth.  The Blade is effectively integrated into Ride-On’s ski goggles and brings AR to the slopes with the world’s first AR offering hands-free interaction, navigation of the mountain’s slopes, recording of one’s time on the slopes, and audio player, fully controlled by the Ride-On goggles.
  • SignGlasses, a Utah-based provider of technologies and services that work in support of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities, will be showcasing a remote interpretation and captioning services platform application that combines Vuzix Blade® Smart Glasses and off-site sign language interpreters and captioners to assure that people who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing have more options to engage with the world around them.  The SignGlasses platform and application can be game changing for users in the workplace and educational settings.
  • SWORD by X.Labs, a US-based provider of leading-edge threat detection technologies and solutions, will be showcasing at The Encore Tower Suites SWORD Enterprise, which combines its proprietary AI, millimeter wave and sensor fusion technology to detect concealed weapons and run facial recognition scanning. With SWORD Enterprise, threats and notifications detected by SWORD will automatically be pushed directly to a heads-up display in form of Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses.  The Vuzix Blade provides an optically see-through display that allows security personnel to quickly and inconspicuously receive real-tie critical threat notifications through a hands-free scanning device while navigating various environments, which allows customers to roam around and still be able to see critical threat information.
  • Ubimax, a German-based leading provider of enterprise wearable computing solutions, will be showcasing their Frontline solution, which consists of four core solutions fully optimized for the Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses: xPick, xMake, xInspect, and xAssist.  Ubimax Frontline offers a hands-free work experience along the entire application value chain and is world’s first and fully integrated Productivity Solutions Suite for the frontline worker.
  • VRAktion, a German-based designer of smart and interactive wearable electronics employing sensor integration and real-time data visualization with a focus on work safety and the IoT, will be showcasing the ELTEN Smartastic “Distance” shoe. The ELTEN Smartastic “Distance” shoe, equipped with ToF laser sensors for obstacle detection and distance measurement, can communicate the sensor data to the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses from a built-in Bluetooth microcomputer. In addition, the shoe is equipped with LED lights for signal light and illumination as well as vibration motors for haptic feedback.  In particular, the sensors installed on the back work as a kind of rear-view camera and can prevent serious accidents when walking backwards or in poorly lit difficult to see work environments through the visualization on the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses.  With the long-standing customer ELTEN, VRaktion has now developed the second iteration of smart shoes for occupational safety. After two years of development, Elten plans to launch a new product line of different intelligent work shoes for the 2020/21 season under the Smartastic label. VRaktion will cover the areas of obstacle detection, Bluetooth meshing, electro-thermal air conditioning and real-time data visualization.
  • Zoi Meet, a Dutch supplier of AI business software for language transcription, will be showcasing Zoi Meet on the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses, allowing for hands-free language translation in which speech is automatically transcribed into text and projected directly onto the display of the headset. The Zoi Meet application on the Vuzix Blade can also be connected to any Zoi Meet-hosted meeting by entering the meeting PIN code into the application. Using the Zoi Meet application on the Blade, meeting attendees receive real-time language transcription during the meeting from any one of 12 supported languages or closed captioning by setting the ‘to’ and ‘from’ languages to the same language. The Zoi Meet application is a powerful enterprise tool that levels the playing field when it comes to meetings that feature attendees that speak multiple languages.

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“For the past 20+ years, Vuzix has been committed to bringing the most innovative products to both consumers and enterprise customers, with use cases ranging from healthcare, to the plant floor, to security and beyond. This year, we are accelerating our foothold with the unveiling of our latest products and some of the incredible use cases they are driving. The world of augmented reality is starting to take off in a meaningful way and Vuzix is a leader that is well positioned for market penetration and growth. If you want to see an industry-leading range of AR smart glasses and applications, please visit our booth during the show,” said Paul Travers, President and Chief Executive Officer at Vuzix.

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