Banner Before Header Launches Meeting Insights for Zoom, Brings Deep Listening to Help Work-at-Home Professionals

0 154 today announced the availability of Meeting Insights on the Zoom Marketplace. Cyrano Meeting Insights is the easiest way to improve the outcomes of virtual meetings announced the availability of Meeting Insights on the Zoom Marketplace.

Cyrano Meeting Insights is the easiest way to improve the outcomes of virtual meetings. The system uses deep listening to interpret Zoom Business meetings, then provides a unique, personalized email to the meeting organizer, detailing the values, communication, and commitment level of each participant. The email contains specific, actionable insights that the organizer can use to lead and communicate more effectively with those same people next time. The Zoom extension is free.

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Unlike many AI-based personality tests, Meeting Insights uses more than keyword frequency or sentiment analysis. The patent-pending deep listening engine was developed by a team of neurolinguists, mental health professionals, and technologists to create more accurate outputs that work for all personality types.

Besides specific insights about the meeting organizer to demonstrate effectiveness, the email highlights the participant’s values orientation, communication style, and commitment level in simple icons, so the recipient can see at a glance who they were talking to. The icons are followed by bulleted feedback with observations of the other person, as well as how to follow up with them from that meeting, and how to develop better relationships with co-workers.

Meeting insights is the brain-child of Scott Sandland, Life Fellow and youngest member of the board of directors for the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Sandland’s an expert in natural language processing (NLP,) and joined forces with neurolinguistic programming expert Dan Paris and former technology CEO Ryan Huff to create a free product that demonstrates the unique capabilities of their company,

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Says Sandland, “We want to impress users and earn their trust. Leaders we’ve talked to so far says Meeting Insights is the best way for us to show how our company can help other business objectives.” is already in use in corporations. Neil Sahota, IBM Master Inventor, from the Watson Group says, “ shows that machines can be compassionate in a dynamic conversation. Their AI engine trained in psychology and linguistics is a true pioneering of artificial empathy and the next wave of AI capabilities.” The system is currently used in sales training organizations and has been used by car dealerships, law firms, and mortgage companies.’s impressive technology has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Psychology Today.

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