, the leading HIPAA-compliant conversational marketing solution, announced today an expanded partnership with STChealth, the leading Immunization Intelligence Network provider, to use’s intelligent chat technology to help people get access to their immunization records and answer vaccine-related questions at scale. Expanding on an earlier program that answered questions about vaccines and immunization records from people in Mississippi, Maryland and North Dakota through STChealth’s MyIR Mobile, the partnership now operates in three additional territories, including Louisiana, Washington, and Washington, DC, with more states being added this month.

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In 2021, people naturally have a lot of questions about vaccines and their immunization records—too many questions to be answered efficiently by humans.

MyIR Mobile was formed almost 10 years ago in partnership with State Health Departments to allow US citizens to review their full immunization history and print their official records. powers an intelligent chat agent on the MyIR Mobile website called “Athena,” which helps visitors learn about the MyIR service and get answers to any questions they might have. Athena uses Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing to understand the context of the user’s question and identify the correct answer from among a number of disparate databases and information sources. The chat solution then responds in a conversational manner that engages website visitors and helps them achieve their intended goals.

“With the COVID-19 vaccine rolling out and people hoping to return to their previous lives and activities, immunization records have never been more important than they are now,” said Michelle Bonjour, Director of Consumer Engagement at STChealth. “We built MyIR Mobile to help people get access to their immunization records in order to prove their vaccination status to schools, workplaces, airlines and other places that might require them, but because there are so many people with questions about the vaccine and their immunization records, there’s no way we could have implemented such a program without the help of’s chat technology.”

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MyIR Mobile has already received tens of thousands of inquiries through’s Athena chat agent. STChealth estimates that it would have taken a minimum of two full-time employees to handle the early onslaught of questions with live representatives, and more as the MyIR Mobile program grows. However, is able to resolve approximately 95 percent of visitor’s questions quickly and conveniently, helping them successfully navigate ways to view their past-due vaccines, add a child to their account, link their records, connect to state registries and more. Fewer than five percent of inquiries need to be passed onto a human agent. Overall, has helped STChealth resolve more than 72,000 inquiries for MyIR without needing a human agent. has also helped STChealth reduce bounce rate on its MyIR page by five percent.

“In 2021, people naturally have a lot of questions about vaccines and their immunization records—too many questions to be answered efficiently by humans,” said Rebecca Clyde, CEO of “It is only through automated chat technology that we can answer all of the complex questions consumers have right now, and yet our intelligent and conversational chat algorithms enable Athena to interact with people on a very human level. We stand behind STChealth’s mission to help consumers get access to important immunization information, and we are proud to contribute the technology to allow that to happen.” has also partnered with STChealth on the latter’s Strategic Action For Employers (SAFE) Return to Work Program. The program makes use of’s automated intelligent chat technology to deliver educational information surrounding best practices, employee testing, and COVID-19 contact tracing, available 24/7 without the need for live agents.

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