SOUTHWORKS, the global software development company people turn to for their most complex, high-profile projects, announced support for the AWS for Media & Entertainment initiative from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate migration of media workflows and innovation for Direct-to-consumer and OTT Streaming.

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AWS for Media & Entertainment is a new initiative featuring new and existing services and solutions from AWS and AWS Partners, built specifically for content creators, rights holders, producers, broadcasters, and distributors. AWS for Media & Entertainment also simplifies the process of building, deploying, and reinventing mission-critical industry workloads by aligning AWS and AWS Partner capabilities against five solution areas: Content Production; Media Supply Chain & Archive; Broadcast; Direct-to-consumer & Streaming; and Data Science & Analytics.

Content owners, distributors and media organizations require reliable video pipelines and simplified workflows that can scale quickly to keep up with on-demand trends. They need to utilize their whole content back catalogue and bring both linear and live content seamlessly to multiple devices without sacrificing quality. SOUTHWORKS’ cloud video engineering services, combined with AWS services, has unlocked revenue streams, consolidated hundreds of channels and thousands of videos into single workflows and delivered millions of extra viewers for major broadcasters.

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SOUTHWORKS cloud video engineering services help its customers build the business-critical cloud-native delivery platforms that bring media and entertainment organizations to their audiences. SOUTHWORKS designs and implements solutions to support live streaming, and video on demand scenarios powered by the AWS tech stack, delivering seamless experiences at scale and at speed, reliably.

Working with AWS services, SOUTHWORKS has enabled broadcasters to easily add channels on the fly, automatically convert live TV to VOD, create more interactive media, get high numbers of channels up and running in a fraction of the time.

“We are delighted to be part of the AWS for Media & Entertainment initiative from Amazon Web Services. This is a really smart way of helping broadcasters and rights holders access the business-critical cloud-native services that will help them address the challenges of the continuously changing landscape in a simplified way. We have worked with a number of media organizations on AWS to accelerate technology adoption – and the results have been exceptional.” comments Johnny Halife, CTO at SOUTHWORKS.

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