Education, IT, E-Commerce and Financial & Legal Services Are the Leading Bot Verticals

Analysis Based on the 6,022 Bots Developed Using SnatchBot’s Platform in 2017

With 30 million users chatting with bots created using the SnatchBot bot building platform through October 2017, the company discovered that the average bot session length was one minute and 32 seconds.

According to SnatchBot, 11.8% of users abandon their bot session while 14% escalate to a human-based chat. In addition, the company reports that in 80% of the bot sessions, the user writes ‘Thank you’, during the chat session, indicating satisfaction with the experience.

SnatchBot CTO & founder Avi Ben Ezra
SnatchBot CTO & founder, Avi Ben Ezra

“The fact that only 11.8% of user bot chats were abandoned among the 30 million users who have chatted with bots developed using SnatchBot’s platform, and that such a high percentage write ‘Thank you’ this early in the bot lifecycle are two very encouraging data points,” said SnatchBot CTO & Cofounder Avi Ben Ezra.

Surprisingly, Customer Service was only the 5th largest vertical, following Education, Information Technology, E-Commerce and Financial & Legal Services / Insurance.

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“SnatchBot enabled us to launch our first bot in days, and to easily add new pathways based on user queries in minutes so that we had a fully functioning bot a few weeks after launching, which immediately saved our call center time,” said Elie Bros, head of Digital Customer Experience at Tata Communications.The country with the most SnatchBot users was the USA followed by Brazil and then Germany.

Most bots were created to support two channels, with Web Chat (chatting via the website/app) the leading channel followed by Facebook Messenger.

“SnatchBot is one of the most intuitive bot development platforms I’ve worked with,” said Oisin Muldowney, author of Chatbots: An Introduction And Easy Guide To Making Your Own.

Since launching the company’s bot building solution in May 2017, 6,022 bots have been developed on SnatchBot’s completely free platform by companies including Accenture, Allianz, Aman Bank, Uber, Veolia and Vodafone.

The company’s platform does not require any coding, and the SnatchBot Bot Store offers 50 pre-built bot templates supporting many channels including Facebook Messenger, SnatchApp, Slack, Skype, SMS, Email and Web Channels, and soon Telegram, Viber, Line, WeChat, Microsoft Team, Cisco Spark and Amazon Chime.

SnatchBot’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm utilizes a two-fold approach with Fundamental Meaning and Machine Learning capabilities, signifying that not only can the bot “learn” and be trained, but it can also recognize intent by way of context or text patterns from the user.

The goal of SnatchBot, since its inception in 2015, has been to expand the accessibility of chatbots and make bot building easy for anyone, developer or otherwise. Based in the heart of the “start-up nation”, Herzliya Pituach, SnatchBot provides access around the world to sophisticated, natural-language conversational bots (“chatbots”) with highly engaging user experiences and lifelike conversational interactions across all communication channels.

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