EnCirca and Pandorabots Partner to Provide .BOT Domains and Bot Development

Trademark Owners Can Leverage Registration Promos and Bot Kits at INTA

EnCirca and Pandorabots announced a new service for brand owners to help them develop artificially intelligent conversational bots using the new .BOT top-level-domain from Amazon Registry. The announcement occurred at the 140th Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA) being held this week in Seattle, Washington and attended by over 10,000 trademark lawyers from 150 countries.

.BOT is designed to be more than just another alternative to .COM domain names. Instead, .BOT is intended to serve as the ultimate discovery space for artificial intelligence (AI) applications, also known as bots, linking bot creators with their end-users, as well as providing bot creators with information and resources to help them with their own development.

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“There is a shift occurring in how customers want to interact with businesses. Bots can provide the personalization and direct interaction that most static websites and mobile apps haven’t been able to deliver. As a result, more and more businesses are embracing conversational marketing and customer support to help customers discover and connect with a brand, as well as obtain quick answers to common queries,” says Stacey King, General Manager of Amazon Registry Services.

Currently, eligibility for .BOT domain names is limited to software developers using one of six bot frameworks, including Pandorabots. After a developer has satisfied the eligibility requirement, they are then directed to an ICANN-accredited Registrar, such as EnCirca, to secure their .BOT domain names.

“EnCirca is teaming up with Pandorabots to simplify the .BOT registration process for brand owners and trademark lawyers,” says Tom Barrett, president of EnCirca. “Every brand who is present in one of the mobile app marketplaces, such as Apple’s App Store or Google’s PlayStore, should now secure their trademarks in .BOT.”

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Pandorabots is the leading chatbot development and hosting platform with over 250,000 developers and top global brands using the service to provide automated customer interactions at scale on popular voice and messaging channels. As part of a special promotion for INTA attendees, Pandorabots is offering starter kits for brand owners who reserve their .BOT domain with EnCirca to kickstart bot development for their business.

“We believe that every business will have a chatbot facilitating instant, personalized customer interactions,” says Lauren Kunze, CEO of Pandorabots, “and that .BOT can be the point of entry and destination on the web to signal that you, the customer, can now have a conversation with our brand.”

Representatives from EnCirca and Pandorabots will be available to discuss .BOT and bot development for the duration of the INTA Annual Meeting this week from exhibit booth number 323.

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