Maru Group Launches Conversational AI Feedback Tool on Proprietary Insights Platform Maru/Hub

 Maru Group (‘Maru’), the global technology-enabled market research and customer insights company, have announced the launch of Maru/HUB Conversational AI, an intelligent, device-agnostic feedback tool.

Developed directly as part of Maru/HUB, Maru’s global proprietary ecosystem, researchers and marketers can now combine conversational feedback with Maru’s existing research technologies and traditional survey approaches for a wider, more holistic understanding of consumer response.

Available across key mobile messaging platforms, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Maru/HUB’s Conversational AI is designed to reach audiences on the platforms they use the most and that are familiar to them. Capturing rich insights at speed, Maru/HUB’s Conversational AI intelligently applies machine-based technology to adapt to respondent conversations in real-time, providing richer, more dynamic feedback and insights.

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Ged Parton, CEO at Maru Group, comments, “Technology is changing the way we all communicate; 65 billion WhatsApp messages are sent globally every day. As researchers, we need to adapt and find robust and reliable ways of capturing feedback on these platforms if we’re to deliver meaningful insights.

By creating a conversational feedback approach as part of Maru/HUB, researchers for the first-time can capture traditional qualitative and quantitative responses, as well as conversational insights, in one integrated platform approach. No longer do teams need to create and manage multiple projects, potentially across multiple agencies; with Maru/HUB’s Conversational AI, they can do it all as one, powering quicker, smarter decision making.”

Supported by research experts at Maru’s key operating divisions (Maru/Matchbox and Maru/Blue), Maru/HUB’s Conversational AI captures unique insights into consumer’s emotions and behaviors by combining conversational and System 1 projective techniques.

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Todd Trautz, Chief Innovation and Solutions Officer at Maru/Matchbox, explains, “At Maru, we strongly believe that to effectively connect with customers and influence decision-making, you need to understand how consumers Feel, Behave and Think. Only with a holistic understanding of response, can you address the consumer Say-Do gap and the impact it’s having on insight quality.

“It was important to us, therefore, that we created a product that would enable users to unlock natural, authentic feedback. It’s why Maru/HUB’s Conversational AI is built on conversations, not surveys. Our own internal studies have revealed that, when we apply projective techniques to respondent conversations, we’re generating longer and richer verbatim from participants and delivering a much deeper level of insight to clients.”

Maru/HUB’s Conversational AI is the latest in a string of radical developments to the Maru/HUB ecosystem in 2020. Two months ago, Maru launched Topic Modelling, another AI-powered tool designed to uncover patterns and topics within textual data at speed, minimizing the risk of human bias that often influences traditional code-frame approaches.

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