Babbel Expands Horizon with Multichannel Campaigns by CupTheMarket

Babbel’s Campaign Will Feature on London Underground Advertisements, Digital Ads, Magazines, and TV Spots

Today, innovative cup-based marketing company, CupTheMarket, has partnered with the leading Language Learning App, Babbel to deliver a multi-channel campaign that highlights the ease of learning a new language. Babbel – the app that helps you speak a new language like you’ve always wanted to. When learning a language, nothing is more rewarding than a real conversation. 73% of surveyed customers feel that they’d be able to hold a conversation within five hours of using the app.

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CupTheMarket + Babbel

The multichannel campaign will see the Babbel app promoted on 100,000 fully recyclable cups in 25 independent coffee shops across Greater London, encouraging customers to download and use the app. Babbel’s campaign will also feature on London Underground advertisements, digital ads, magazines, and TV spots.

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The focus of Babbel’s campaign is an alien named Alexi, evoking the feeling of alienation that people feel abroad when they are unable to speak the local language. With each lesson lasting the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee – around 15 minutes – the Babbel app allows everyone to learn a new language, teaching useful everyday content for real-life scenarios, wherever and whenever it suits them.

Francois de Vinols, Founder of CupTheMarket, comments on the new partnership: “We’re extremely excited about the campaign with Babbel; it’s a pleasure to be part of its drive to encourage more people to learn another language. With foreign travel always increasing, allied to London being the most diverse city on Earth, there has never been a better time to use Babbel’s app.”

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Mike Redfern, Country Manager at Babbel, added, “I’m really looking forward to launching the new campaign with CupTheMarket. It has a unique platform to amplify important messages in and around London. We believe that CupTheMarket can help us turn the traditional coffee break into an educational experience. Fifteen-minute coffee breaks are a great time to pick up the app and complete a lesson. We are making coffee breaks into opportunities to embrace new cultures and explore the world on-the-go, wherever and whenever works for them.”

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Founded in 2007, Babbel is the world’s first language learning app. It has over one million active subscribers online, on Android and iOS platforms, and was ranked as the world’s most innovative education company by Fast Company in 2016. Babbel guarantees learners the fastest path to the real-life conversation in 14 languages, from Spanish to Indonesian; 73% of users indicated they are able to have short a short conversation within five hours of using the app.

Currently, The Babbel language learning app for web, iOS and Android makes it easy to learn 14 different languages from 7 display languages. Bite-sized lessons fit into everyday life and are split into useful real-world topics, from introducing oneself, to ordering food and making travel arrangements.

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