Advalo Builds on AWS to Become the Strategic Lever of Retailers

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Since its creation Advalo has relied on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store and process its data. The strength of Advalo is based on its ability to analyze large volumes of data to enable brands to better understand the purchasing patterns of their customers, detect purchase intention and individualize their marketing actions. A value proposition that is based on artificial intelligence algorithms developed by Advalo and stored on the AWS Cloud.

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The Cloud: A springboard for innovation

New technologies that have become the hallmark of the past years, such as the Cloud or Big Data, as well as their progressive democratization have allowed start-ups such as Advalo to position themselves in emerging markets to offer innovative uses.

Predictive marketing has now become a must for brands. It is based on the analysis of omnichannel data of customers and prospects with the aim of predicting their future behavior. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are at the heart of Advalo’s business model and require a growing storage capacity to analyze increasing data provided by Advalo’s clients.

To drive the 250 predictive models that run on the platform, more than 200 TB of data is stored by Advalo on the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). These are then processed and analyzed across several thousand Amazon EC2, overseen by the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) to ensure scalability of infrastructure and mass distribution of computations. This enriched data is stored on the highly-performant Amazon Aurora database. With these services, AWS enables Advalo to innovate for the benefit of its clients by offering them an individualized marketing platform at the cutting edge of the exploitation of artificial intelligence, while optimizing its investments in R & D and infrastructure costs.

“In the predictive marketing market, data is central, and it is essential for players like Advalo to be able to rely on solid and reputable infrastructures. Cloud development has allowed us to store our data and run our algorithms without having to invest in buying and maintaining expensive servers. AWS has been a real facilitator for us, from the start of our business to the scaling phase.” – Olivier Marc, co-founder of Advalo.

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Predicting and customizing, two performance levers for retailers

By analyzing customers’ and prospects’ omnichannel data, Advalo enables its clients to restore the performance of their marketing campaigns, to invigorate their store traffic and generate growth.

Advalo supports more than 40 retailers and automotive brands and distributors who, thanks to data reconciliation, data analysis and the personalization of their campaigns, generate on average between 3 and 4% of incremental turnover. A performance due to the implementation of personalization actions on all channels, based on predictive marketing models: sending emails with loyalty products compared to existing purchase history, on-site customization or targeted campaigns on social networks and via newsletters.

“Platform Implementation introduces a new dynamic to our clients, aiming to consider the consumer in the entirety of its purchasing journey, and no longer according to a physical or digital channel. Reconciling omnichannel data allows our clients to have a better knowledge of their customers, to refocus on their core target and to implement relevant campaigns that correspond to the expectations of each consumer. The promise of the right message to the right person at the right time makes perfect sense.” – David le Douarin, co-founder of Advalo.

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