Amperity and Snowflake Partner to Help Joint Customers Power Customer 360 Initiatives

Seamless integration allows joint customers to fully leverage the power of their customer data to drive highly personalized programs and campaigns

Amperity, the first AI-powered Customer Data Management platform, and Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, announced a strategic partnership and technology integration to help joint customers accelerate their Customer 360 initiatives. Both companies are focused on reinventing legacy systems with modern cloud infrastructure and machine intelligence solutions to make data management faster, simpler, and more effective.

Amperity tackles data silos and impossible-to-unify customer records using AI, helping customers graduate from slow, manual, and error-prone legacy approaches to data unification. Snowflake brings unparalleled data warehouse performance, concurrency, and simplicity. Both run end-to-end on either AWS or Azure, giving customers the freedom to use their cloud provider of choice.

Amperity and Snowflake share a long list of joint customers including Brooks Running. The strategic partnership between the two companies provides seamless integrated access to Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse, enabling joint customers to fully leverage the power of their customer data to drive highly personalized programs and campaigns. Together, they provide joint customers with the most flexible, complete, and scalable foundation for Customer 360 initiatives.

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“Next-generation customer data management is critical for companies to gain accurate insights about their customers,” Snowflake Vice President of Data Sharing Business Development, Justin Langseth said. “Amperity and Snowflake are quite similar in that we were both purpose-built for the cloud. Amperity’s approach to leveraging machine learning and AI drives customer data unification and usability for the enterprise and integrates well with Snowflake as we deliver on our commitment to performance, simplicity, and affordability.”

Benefits and features of the Snowflake-Amperity integration include:

  • Full support for ingress from Snowflake into Amperity, leveraging Snowflake secure data sharing
  • Full support for egress from Amperity into Snowflake, leveraging Snowflake secure data sharing
  • Maximum security and control when moving data between systems
  • An even easier way to ingest data and deliver profiles across platforms
  • Flexibility to leverage cloud provider of choice for end-to-end data management using Amperity and Snowflake’s full support to run on either AWS or Microsoft Azure

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“From the outset, we knew we had the opportunity to completely upend the status quo in customer data management,” said Chris Jones, Chief Product Officer at Amperity. “We were at an inflection point in the market where by taking advantage of the latest in machine learning and affordable cloud computing, and by partnering with cloud-native technologies like Snowflake, we could fundamentally reinvent the process of managing and unifying customer data — and we did. Using this modern approach today, we’re helping companies achieve a truly comprehensive 360 view of the customer. And we can deliver it in a few weeks instead of months or years, and it’s highly flexible and easy-to-evolve.”

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