Chargify Launches Industry-First Native Sales Commission Calculator

Company expands on 10 years of billing expertise to address growing SaaS revenue management needs

Chargify launched the Sales Commission Calculator, which removes the complexity of calculating sales commission on subscription SaaS offerings and gives businesses a simplified, error-free way to automate commissioning. This is the first part of the company’s expansion into end-to-end revenue management for fast-growing SaaS businesses.

“We’ve been focused Elastic Billing for more than 10 years, but we know from working closely with our merchants that billing is just one piece of the puzzle,” said Paul Lynch, CEO of Chargify. “Our merchants are dealing with growing revenue management complexities every day as the industry evolves rapidly. The Sales Commission Calculator will solve one of the major pain points for SaaS businesses.”

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According to research from Xactly, 83% of organizations admit to having inaccuracies in their sales commission payouts. These inaccuracies are driven by the inherent complexity of a SaaS billing model. The Sales Commission Calculator will drastically reduce errors and complexities by allowing merchants to calculate commissions on many different revenue models (that include both MRR and metered-usage) based on the real-time billing data collected in the Chargify app. It is the first and only native sales commission calculator tool offered by a billing platform.

“Managing revenue and billing has become a business blocker,” said Lynch. “As a company that is 100 percent devoted to the unique and dynamic problems of high-growth SaaS businesses, we are obsessed with removing these business blockers for our merchants. Sales commissioning is just the beginning of our work to support the end-to-end revenue management needs of fast-growing businesses.”

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According to Forrester, business strategy professionals with recurring revenue models or diverse revenue streams now look for their recurring customer and billing management technology to:

  • Configure (and reconfigure) any pricing model easily.
  • Manage customer relationships beyond the initial purchase phase.
  • Deliver better insight into recurring customers and revenue.

The Sales Commission Calculator is the first step in making Chargify a gateway to deeper, more insightful SaaS management, allowing merchants to save valuable time and avoid business-impacting errors in commissioning.

As a part of its move into revenue management for SaaS, Chargify has also launched Revenue Alerts. This feature allows merchants to closely monitor high-value conversions, expansion and contraction revenue and potential churn risks by defining thresholds for revenue changes that trigger real-time emails and in-app notifications.

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