Appier Launches AIBID to Boost App Marketing Performance

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Appier’s unique deep learning AI model enables marketers to achieve multiple goals at once, ensuring high-quality user acquisition and improved ROI

Appier, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company, announces the launch of AIBID, an AI-powered solution dedicated to boosting high-quality app user acquisition and increasing return on advertising spend (ROAS).

App marketers face many common challenges, the hardest of which include audience targeting, performance and inventory, according to eMarketer. Currently, marketers tackle these issues via a manual approach or by traditional machine learning tools that allow them to manage one goal at a time. However, optimal user acquisition happens when more variables are taken into account and analyzed together.

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AIBID, based on Appier’s proprietary deep learning model, is designed to bring together a large number of data points leading to more complete user profiles and more easily predictable user values.

For example, AIBID can concurrently analyze frequency of app usage, game play, purchases, usage of features and so on, allowing for much more accurate predictions of future ROAS. Marketers can set multiple goals at once (such as installation, registration, purchase, etc.) and quickly find the most targeted audiences and highest value users, preventing unnecessary spend and wasted budget. After a user takes action, such as clicking an ad, Appier’s AI can further predict which users are most likely to take further action, allowing for even more precise customer targeting. All data feeds back into the model for continuous training, ensuring improved accuracy over time.

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“Marketers are increasingly relying on technology to quickly analyze customer data to reach people at the right time and places, but there are still limitations when it comes to accounting for all the ways that customers might behave,” said Chih-Han Yu, CEO and co-founder, Appier. “Appier consistently strives to help businesses get ahead of customer needs and preferences. The deep learning capabilities that power AIBID allow marketers to be more nimble and flexible than ever before, automatically updating and tailoring their campaigns and giving them increased visibility into the results of their spending.”

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