Outsell Launches First of Its Kind Automotive Marketing OmniHub for Dealer Groups

Dealer Group OmniHub Solves the Common Customer Retention Pain Points for Leading Dealer Groups using AI, Data and Machine Learning

Outsell, which offers the only Virtual Customer Engagement platform for the automotive industry, has announced the launch of their innovative new Dealer Group OmniHub. With Dealer Group OmniHub, Outsell finally gives dealer groups the unique ability to approach customer retention and loyalty as a unified brand, leveraging the combined brand and selection power of the whole group, rather than just individual stores.

“No one else is doing this,” said Gary Marcotte, Senior Vice President of Customer Engagement Innovation at Outsell. “We listened to 30 plus dealer groups and solved their common pain points. Our solution liberates dealer groups from being trapped in store silos.”

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This first of its kind product uses Outsell’s powerful artificial intelligence and industry-leading data to help dealer groups connect with customers personally, continually and automatically. By combining store databases into a Group Customer Database, Outsell gives groups customer insights across their whole enterprise. By creating unique and proprietary business rules, dealer groups who partner with Outsell now have the ability to unwind the frustrating, often conflicting, messages and offers that afflict customers in multiple databases. Also, Outsell’s unique new group content enables dealer groups to communicate directly with consumers and unlock brand and inventory choices that today’s customers demand.

“Customers have more choices than ever and different ways to buy – and dealers need to adapt,” explained Valerie Vallancourt, Vice President of Marketing, Outsell “Countless customers are moving through the marketplace aimlessly, without loyalty to a brand or dealership.”

Research has found that half of repurchasers change OEM brands. Unfortunately, these brand defectors do not always choose the same dealer group for their next purchase. Store or OEM only communications, siloed data and siloed stores limit retention and loyalty opportunities and lead to irrelevant communications to customers who could otherwise be retained.

Outsell’s Dealership Group OmniHub leverages the power of the whole dealer group. It provides an improved customer experience, increases staff productivity, choice and ultimately sales and profits. More than that, this solution allows innovative dealer groups to tell their story directly to customers, offering tangible reasons to stay within the group brand.

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Outsell AI delivers measurable results. Validated by third parties RXA and Experian, brands that use Outsell AI to manage their lifecycle customer marketing experience:
  • 31 percent increase in service visits
  • 23 percent higher repurchase rates
  • $427 in greater customer value

“We put our money where our mouth is and provide transparent reporting, so dealers understand exactly where virtual customer engagement impacts the business,” said Marcotte. “Dealer Group OmniHub includes tiered reporting that shows results centrally, across stores, within stores and even shows the movement between stores.”

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