InsightSquared, a leader in revenue intelligence and forecasting, and RingLead, a leader in data orchestration and RevOps automation, today announced a strategic partnership providing customers a unified, accurate view into every prospect and customer, their activity and their influence—throughout the buyer’s journey. The new integration combines the power of InsightSquared’s real-time Activity Capture and Analytics, with RingLead’s Data Orchestration and multi-vendor enrichment, making it easy for revenue teams to automatically identify, enrich and analyze contacts engaged during active sales and customer success cycles, ultimately increasing conversion and retention rates, as well as customer lifetime value.

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“Being single threaded is one of the biggest challenges in sales and customer success, yet most organizations lack visibility into which contacts are engaged, those that are not, and opportunities to deepen relationships,” said Russ Artzt, Executive Chairman, RingLead. “By using InsightSquared as a mini customer data platform and integrating RingLead’s data orchestration platform, we now have deep insight and detailed account records of every contact involved in the revenue journey. This real-time visibility allows reps to focus on the go-to-market activities that truly make an impact, while helping sales leadership create highly accurate forecasts and identify risks ahead of key decisions.”

In most B2B organizations, contact enrichment is commonly applied to inbound contacts and during BDR/SDR outbound prospecting, however additional contacts identified later in the sales cycles are rarely captured nor enriched, due to the reliance on sales reps to manually enter this data. Based on InsightSquared’s work across hundreds of revenue teams, it is estimated that most organizations are missing 70 percent of the contacts that enter during the sales process.

This current workflow leads to incomplete contact data, creating significant blindspots for revenue teams that impact overall win rates and execution:

Marketing is challenged to run effective persona-based nurture programs;
Sales Leaders struggle to understand the true health of their pipelines and deliver accurate, predictable forecasts;
Customer success teams are limited in their ability to run enablement, cross-sell and upsell campaigns; and
Operations teams cannot conduct deep analytics, assess the effectiveness of sales processes, or identify next steps to optimize outcomes.

With this new integration, InsightSquared and RingLead will automatically identify and enrich new contacts at the point of engagement (emails, meetings, etc.) and throughout the customer lifecycle, writing the data back to the customer’s CRM for immediate use in campaigns, pipeline management, forecasting and more. The workflow leverages RingLead’s multi-vendor enrichment, featuring more than 31 partners including ZoomInfo, Clearbit, Crunchbase and Dun & Bradstreet, to append full names, titles, contact information, account data and more, all behind the scenes, requiring no work from sales or operations teams.

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“Every sales organization is looking to improve operational efficiencies by understanding which activities and customer roles actually translate to revenue. However when it comes to running these analytics, the output is only as good as the data that is used to generate it. That data must not only be clean, but also complete,” said Todd Abbott, CEO of InsightSquared. “Together with RingLead, we have eliminated the need for reps to manually input this contact data and created an automated enrichment workflow, handing revenue teams a massive trove of data and intelligence they can use to speed sales cycles, improve rep effectiveness and boost forecast accuracy.”

Beyond the high quality data now available for sales and marketing execution, customers can leverage RingLead’s complete data management solutions including intelligent routing, meeting scheduling and scoring. Customers can also take advantage of InsightSquared’s advanced revenue analytics and contact reporting to understand the impact specific contacts and titles have on their sales outcomes, assessing engagement by contact seniority, engagement by normalized title, campaign success by title, and more. As buyer groups continue to grow in size, trusted data is critical to optimizing revenue team investments and scaling successful sales processes.

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