Intercom Adds New Products to its Engagement OS, Reinventing Traditional Customer Engagement Models

Intercom debuts new products and platform innovation at New at Intercom event

Intercom, the Engagement OS, today launched two new products: Surveys, the only tool of its kind that enables businesses to capture insights from customers and act on them in real-time, and Switch, a tool for support teams to seamlessly transition customers from phone support hold queues to Intercom’s Messenger support at the customer’s preference. Building on its investments to deliver next-generation support, the company also announced the new Intercom Inbox—a complete rebuild and redesign to make its most-used product the fastest and most efficient support inbox for the modern era.

“We believe ongoing customer engagement is the future of internet business, and that demands a new operating model—one that unifies and reorients every aspect of an organization to deliver exceptional customer experiences,” said Karen Peacock, CEO of Intercom. “We built Intercom’s Engagement OS for this purpose—to give all customer-facing teams one primary, unified platform to work together and create an ongoing dialogue with customers.”

Today’s announcements will enable Intercom’s more than 25,000 organizations, including industry leaders like Amazon, Atlassian and Lyft Business, to drive business growth and scale with its Engagement OS. With the enhancements to the platform, all customer-facing teams can collaborate to create powerful experiences and drive ongoing customer engagement.

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“Atlassian is committed to creating strong, personal experiences for our 200,000+ customers. This means resolving their issues quickly, while forging lasting relationships with our customers. Intercom’s Engagement OS enables us to do just that,” said Wayne Stewart, Head of Customer Service and Support, Cloud Growth, DevOps & IT at Atlassian. “We use Intercom to power, and scale, best-in-class customer communication and to facilitate customer engagement across many areas of our business. Intercom’s platform helps us gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs and helps us create delightful journeys for them. We’re excited to see continued innovation from Intercom and we look forward to building onto our years-long partnership.”

Richer Insights and Personalized Experiences With Surveys
Surveys enables businesses to collect useful and actionable customer insights to tailor and target personal and effective messaging to customers. As in-product messaging becomes the primary channel to engage with customers, and as businesses move on from third-party data and into a cookieless world, Surveys enables organizations to deliver ongoing customer engagement by effectively capturing and taking action on first-party data in real time.

Intercom Surveys is the only survey tool that automatically connects customer insights to a variety of responsive, real-time workflows that drive product adoption and retention. Distributed directly in-product, Surveys reaches customers when they’re most likely to engage and leads to higher response and engagement rates, with accurate insights businesses can automatically turn into action. Because Surveys is supported by Intercom’s singular customer communications platform and robust outbound messaging system, companies can leverage the insights for personalized, ongoing customer engagement across multiple channels. Examples include using NPS scores to trigger follow up actions from the sales team to immediately reach out to VIP detractors and set up a churn prevention call, or new customer surveys that ask for the customer’s use case and immediately provide a tailored onboarding experience.

“Intercom has grown with Coda since day one and provides the technical foundation for our customer engagement strategy,” said Brian Lederman, Head of Sales, Success and Support at Coda. “Our users’ needs vary greatly, and Intercom’s flexibility lets us tailor the user experience to do everything from sending targeted messages to delivering customer support. Now with Surveys, we can extend what Intercom can do with a frictionless experience. We’re using the insights from onboarding surveys and NPS scores to better understand our customers and act on their feedback. With Surveys, we can build workflows based on the insights, triggering outreach on advocacy opportunities or direct contact from our sales team.”

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