LogMeIn Redefines LastPass Business With New Adoption Tool And Families Account For Employees

Updates provide businesses with the security tools they need, at their own pace

As organizations consider their long-term approach to work, whether full-time remote or a hybrid remote, securing access to company data and applications while maintaining employee productivity is crucial. When 80 percent of breaches are caused by weak and reused passwords, it’s important to ensure they are properly managed. IT admins need a straightforward solution to increase password hygiene, drive greater end user adoption and encourage employees to use strong passwords at home. LogMeIn, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based solutions such as GoToConnect, GoToMeeting, and Rescue, today announced a redefined LastPass Business, designed to help ensure both employees and their families are practicing safe password behavior online, provide admin tools to increase employee adoption, and enable flexibility so that an organization can use the security tools they need, at their own pace.

Built on customer feedback, LastPass Business, formerly known as LastPass Enterprise, is designed to secure access in the modern hybrid workforce. With the rise of remote work resulting in an increase in cyberthreats, recent LastPass research found that 85 percent of businesses are prioritizing strong cybersecurity practices — and that begins with oversight of every access point in the business.

The LastPass Business password management experience now provides several new customer-driven enhancements with flexibility in mind, including:

New Admin Console and Adoption Dashboard

LastPass Business offers a new admin console that provides a more simplified onboarding and account management experience in one, easy-to-use tool. To further aid admins in driving end user adoption across their organization, the LastPass admin console now includes a new adoption dashboard. This provides admins with the insights and tools they need to re-engage users when and how appropriate to achieve greater enrollment and eliminate lengthy adoption challenges. These updates are available now to current and new LastPass Business customers.

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Families as a Benefit

LastPass Business also now includes Families as a Benefit at no additional cost, which provides a premium LastPass account for every employee’s personal use and up to 5 accounts for those closest to them, to ensure that both their professional and personal lives are protected. With LastPass Families as a Benefit, organizations can encourage good password habits beyond the workplace by providing this security perk to their entire workforce and their families. Families as a Benefit is expected to be available to all LastPass Business customers beginning in July 2021.

According to the LastPass 2020 Psychology of Passwords report, people protect their work accounts at a lower rate than their personal accounts and 66 percent use poor password practices, such as reusing the same password variations, in both places. With professional and personal lives merging at an unprecedented rate, it is crucial that employees practice safe password practices across all accounts.

Simplified Single Sign-On

LastPass single sign-on (SSO) apps are now fully accessible to Business customers in the LastPass browser extension and password vault to simplify access to key applications. With SSO apps living side-by-side in the LastPass extension and vault, employees have a seamless login experience whether they’re accessing a traditional web login or an SSO-enabled cloud app. In addition, admins can now add an SSO app in two simple steps to quickly deploy cloud applications to employees.

Flexibility with New Business Packages

Responding to customer requests for more customizable business offerings, refreshed LastPass Business packages give LastPass customers the flexibility and freedom to pay for only the technology they need, while providing additional options to meet their evolving security requirements.

Businesses of all sizes now have the option to start with a base business password management package that at no additional cost includes SSO for up to three cloud applications and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to secure the LastPass vault and SSO applications. As a company’s security needs mature and a customer wants to expand their identity program beyond what’s included in the base package, advanced functionality SSO and MFA add-on offerings are also now available.

“Customer feedback is at the core of these updates to our LastPass Business offering. Over the last year, we heard their need for better visibility into end user adoption; a desire to encourage good password habits beyond the workplace, especially as everyone spends more time online; and the requests not to be forced into technology they’re not ready for,” said Dan DeMichele, VP of Product Management for LastPass. “We’re confident our customers will be happy to see this feedback come to life with our updated LastPass Business offering.”

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LastPass Customer Quotes
“I like how the new LastPass package already includes SSO and MFA. It’s nice to know that features are built-in to scale alongside our business—it allows us to try something new and expand.” – Joshua Clark, Network Specialist, Columbia Public Schools

“The new LastPass Business packaging provides us with more options for future growth. Knowing that there’s room to expand into other areas we want, include add-ons as needed, and stick with LogMeIn as a trusted and proven partner is incredibly beneficial.” – Bryan Veal, Systems Engineer, Shasta County Office of Education

“The new LastPass Business package is a gamechanger, especially Families as a Benefit. It’s awesome because a lot of families have shared accounts, so being able to share a password with my wife or a family member is significant. Families as a Benefit makes it a lot easier for everyone to take advantage of the security features LastPass offers.” – Travis Pate, Systems Admin at Washington State Employees Credit Union

Pricing and Availability

  • LastPass Business including Freemium SSO and MFA is available at $6 per user/month
  • The Advanced MFA add-on is $3 per user/month and Advanced SSO add-on is $2 per user/month. Bundle pricing for purchasing all three is available for $9 per user/month.
  • The new admin console, adoption dashboard and SSO updates are now available in the base LastPass Business package, with Families as a Benefit coming in July 2021.

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