DataRobot Unveils New Tableau Feature to Deliver Increased Value with AI

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New tools unveiled at Tableau Conference allow users to publish DataRobot predictions to Tableau Data Source for use in visualizations

DataRobot, the leader in enterprise AI, announced an enhanced integration with Tableau that makes it even easier for analysts to visualize predictions and rich explanations within their Tableau dashboards. The new features will allow Tableau customers to publish predictions from DataRobot into a Tableau Data Source (TDS) that can be visualized alongside other business data.

Building on DataRobot Insights, a Tableau extension released last year, the new feature removes the need for third party tools or intermediate files to get predictions into Tableau. This gives business analysts without technical data science training but with deep domain expertise the ability to identify hidden patterns that would previously go undetected and analyze the cause-and-effect of different variables on a predicted outcome.

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“With the demand for AI far exceeding the capacity of available data scientists and hundreds of potential use cases for AI across every business, it’s critical that forward-thinking companies scale AI efforts by broadening the pool of users who can participate in AI initiatives,” said Adam Weinstein, Vice President, Product Management at DataRobot. “By giving Tableau users visibility to predictions and rich explanations, we’ve made it easier for users to not only get value out of AI but also trust the output of the models. By leveraging the combined power of DataRobot and Tableau, customers can drive positive and measurable impact on their business.”

With built-in best practices and guardrails, DataRobot’s Enterprise AI Platform provides automation across the entire AI lifecycle. With the new tools, Tableau customers are enabled with best-in-class machine learning capabilities to expand the scope of their analysis from historical to predictive data analysis. Instead of having to build pipelines to write predictions to a database and query within Tableau, this feature makes predictions available, eliminating a huge pain point for analysts and streamlining their workflow.

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Joint Tableau and DataRobot customers are already reaping the benefits of the new features. According to Paden Goldsmith, Assistant Director of Strategic Data Analysis at Florida International University, “The newly enhanced DataRobot and Tableau integrations have allowed our team to create an end-to-end workflow that automatically sifts through the data to deliver insights and predictions directly to Tableau reports and dashboards. This strengthens our ability to predict and identify at-risk students and get them the academic help they need to graduate.”

“This enhanced integration will make it easier than ever for people without data science expertise to tap into the power of AI, leveraging impactful predictions and explanations directly within the flow of their analysis,” said Brian Matsubara, Senior Director of Global Technology Alliances at Tableau. “We’re pleased to expand our relationship and partnership with DataRobot and extend the power of machine learning to more customers.”

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