eyeo: Surf the Web Without Annoying Ads

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Ad blocking will improve your online experience

The volume of advertising on the internet continues to increase. Many internet users don’t want to be interrupted by advertisements while surfing the net, but rather spend time relaxing. Adblock Plus makes it possible to surf the web without annoying advertising. The extension is installed as a web application in the browser and prevents advertisements from being displayed and downloaded.

The internet plays a big role in all areas of life. People read news online, they share messages with friends and family or stream videos. Today this is often interrupted by online advertising in the form of banners, pop-ups, or video ads.

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Adblock Plus not only blocks all these annoying advertisements, it also makes pages load faster and saves bandwidth. Adblock Plus is also available for mobile devices, so data volume is not wasted for advertisements when surfing mobile.

With Adblock Plus you can also protect your privacy. Many online stores track and keep your private data. For example: the types of products you are looking for or the web pages you visit, creating a profile of both users and their mobile devices. Not only that, some ads on the internet may contain malware and viruses.

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Susie Concannon Lugo, Senior Communications Manager with eyeo who works from Panama: “People have the right to enjoy their free time on the internet without annoying banners or unskippable video ads. Whether football streaming, music or news page, with Adblock Plus you can surf faster and, above all, more relaxed.”

In the Latin American region, a growing percentage of people already employ an ad blocker when they go online: Up to 20 percent in some countries and an average of 15 percent in the region (about 50 million people).

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