Glassdoor Launches New Tools To Help Job Seekers Land The Right Job In 2020

Collections by Glassdoor Enables Job Seekers to Manage and Organize Their Job Search From Start to Finish; Company Compare by Glassdoor Offers Job Seekers A Side-By-Side Comparison of Two Companies Across Fourteen Workplace Attributes and Insights Based on Employee Feedback

According to a new Glassdoor survey (1), one in three U.S. adults (34 percent) are looking or plan to look for a new job in the next year.  As job searching heats up, Glassdoor is unveiling two new tools to empower job seekers: Collections and Company Compare. Collections is designed to help job seekers manage their entire job search process in one, seamless experience, while Company Compare aims to help job seekers compare potential employers faster and more efficiently. In addition, Glassdoor is debuting several other product improvements designed to help both job seekers and employers.


According to the Glassdoor survey, conducted online by The Harris Poll among over 2,000 U.S. adults, 68 percent of job seekers and employees agree that one of the biggest challenges of looking for a job is staying organized during the job search process. In fact, a majority (64 percent) report using multiple different tools to help them stay organized when conducting their job search. To help solve this problem and help job seekers better organize and focus their search, Glassdoor today is introducing Collections. Whether someone is just starting to look for their next job or ready to consider a job offer, Collections is a one-stop solution to help job seekers be better organized and focused throughout their job search process. Beginning today, a majority of users will be able to experience Collections within the Glassdoor mobile app.

Collections by Glassdoor allows people to explore job listings, company reviews and other content relevant to their job search that they can save, organize and revisit later. Job seekers can also add and save notes for jobs, reviews and other content in their collections, organizing the entire experience within the Glassdoor Jobs Mobile App. In addition to allowing job seekers to manage and organize their job search at every stage of the process, Collections also provides personalized recommendations for jobs, salaries, interview questions and reviews, to proactively help job seekers be more prepared to land a job they love. With Collections, anything a job seeker needs is at their fingertips during every step of the job search, whether applying to a job, preparing for an interview or negotiating an offer.

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“Searching for a new job is already typically stressful. It can also be a scattered and disjointed experience, with people bouncing between multiple tools and resources to manage and track the many different stages of the job search process,” said Paul Goldshteyn, Mobile Product Lead. “Glassdoor is focused on empowering job seekers with the content and tools to help them find the job or company that’s right for them. With Collections, we are offering a first-of-its-kind tool that allows people to more easily organize their entire job search from start to finish.”

Company Compare

In addition to Collections, Glassdoor is also launching Company Compare to help job seekers make more informed career decisions. According to another Glassdoor/Harris Poll survey (2), 71 percent job seekers and employees today report that they consider two or more job offers before accepting a job offer. Today’s job seekers have choices to make when it comes to where they go to work and Company Compare provides job seekers with an easier, faster way to compare any two potential employers. The new tool allows job seekers to compare how two companies stack up across a range of important workplace attributes; these include employee-generated ratings for overall company satisfaction, career opportunities, compensation & benefits, work-life balance, senior management, culture and values, and whether employees approve of the way their CEO is leading the company. Additionally, people can now more easily compare open jobs, salaries, “pros” and “cons”, and featured reviews for companies side-by-side. Company Compare is available for job seekers in all 20 countries where Glassdoor has localized sites and apps.

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Glassdoor for Employers Improvements: Hiring the Candidate of Tomorrow

Glassdoor has also introduced several new improvements for employers, helping them target and recruit quality talent at scale.  These improvements include:

  • Nested and Affiliated profiles on Glassdoor: Helps demonstrate in more detail and provide more context for employers that are part of a large and often complex organization
  • Revamped Employer Center: Serving as a central hub for all employer Glassdoor needs, the revamped Employer Center makes it easier to navigate between posting jobs, responding to reviews, tracking brand reputation and more
  • New candidate messaging tools: Helps employers better leverage Glassdoor’s applicant management system and communicate more easily and directly with candidates

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