Huddle Rooms and Open Office Spaces May Expand Audio Conferencing Endpoints

In a Latest Frost & Sullivan Report, the Audio Conferencing Endpoint Vendors Are Adapting Their Solutions Functionality, Pricing, and Packaging to Cater to New Customer Requirements for Huddle Rooms Culture

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global Audio Conferencing Endpoints Market, Forecast to 2021, finds that tight IT budgets, coupled with tough economic environments in different regions, deterred the demand for traditional audio conferencing endpointsHowever, new ways of working and widespread the usage of video collaboration services across organizations have considerably boosted the growth of meeting spaces in business settings.

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In addition, adoption of unified communications and collaboration (UCC) services, as well as the increased flexibility of endpoints to support multiple connectivity options such as VoIP, USB and Bluetooth, and the ability to adapt to various UCC environments, are expected to boost demand in the tabletop audio conferencing endpoint market.

Vaishno Devi Srinivasan, Industry Analyst, Connected Work, said, “The audio conferencing endpoint market is becoming highly competitive with multiple vendors expanding their product line to offer a holistic portfolio. To capture greater customer mindshare, vendors must innovate and adjust their value proposition in terms of price, product/service bundles, and product support.”

Businesses increasingly expect greater audio conferencing endpoint functionality at low price points. With the proliferation of video, incorporating it in the collaboration bundle seems to be a logical step for audio conferencing endpoint vendors. The convergence of video with audio endpoints to develop a low-cost bundle presents a significant growth opportunity for all vendors in this market.

Other highlights include —

  • By 2021, the global tabletop audio conferencing endpoints market is expected to reach $488.7 million and the installed audio conferencing endpoints market is expected to attain $73.5 million in revenue;
  • Expansion of the market will be boosted by easy-to-install and high-clarity endpoints in huddle rooms and open office spaces;
  • Convergence of video with audio endpoints to develop a low-cost audio-video bundle will cater to huddle room requirements;
  • The launch of all-in-one(AIO) installed audio-video integrated devices will entail new opportunities. AIO models are wall-mounted devices that encompass microphones, speakers, and cameras that target the less-complicated deployment use cases and professional audio requirements in huddle rooms.
  • In addition to the video, incorporation of content sharing capabilities broaden the use cases of tabletop audio conferencing endpoints. For Example, Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800.

Vaishno added, “Compelling new feature sets, attractive and user-friendly interfaces, effective pricing models and discounts, and more aggressive marketing of these value propositions will be essential to expand the user base.”

Global Audio Conferencing Endpoints Market, Forecast to 2021 is part of Frost & Sullivan’s Digital Transformation Growth Partnership Services program.

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