Informa Engage Offers Research Solutions For Businesses

Marketers Can Leverage Informa Engage Research to Learn About Their Position in the Market

Forty-four percent of business marketers are looking to media companies to develop targeted programs to help them gain insight on their buyers. Informa Engage, the global leader in marketing services, offers a wide range of research solutions to help marketers drive marketing strategy and accomplish objectives and goals. Marketers can leverage Informa Engage Research to learn about their position in the market, to improve existing and future marketing programs and enhance marketing strategies to reach buyers through content marketing and thought leadership programs.

Informa Engage Offers Research Solutions Packaged for Businesses to Leverage Market Knowledge, Buyer Relationships and Business Marketing Expertise
Dr Kristin Letourneau

Informa Engage’s team of highly accredited research experts are led by Dr Kristin Letourneau, Director, Market Research, with a PhD in Social Psychology, concentration in Quantitative Methods.

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Informa Engage offers the following research solutions:

  • State of the Market is a custom designed editorial survey and the results are transformed into an extensive thought-leadership report and promoted to a target audience.
  • Industry Insight is a custom designed editorial survey that produces results promoted to a target audience.
  • Social Intelligence is a proprietary report for marketers and is ideal for benchmarking against competitors and honing social practices.
  • Brand Perception is a proprietary report for marketers and is ideal for benchmarking prior to launching a brand campaign.
  • Content Kickstart is a proprietary report for marketers to develop powerful data that can be infused into content marketing assets.

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Informa Engage Research examples include:

  1. Informa Engage Research is a core part of the partnership and value it delivers to the market. It also plays a part in identifying and launching new products such as Market Spotlights and as a means to drive powerful marketing programs that align messaging, content and media channels for clients. Informa Engage’s B2B Marketing Trends Report examines the key trends, challenges and priorities facing B2B marketers and where they will be spending their marketing dollars in 2018.
  2. State of the Market offers marketers a comprehensive research report on timely industry issues. Fleet Owner and American Trucker collaborated with Informa Engage to develop an Intelligence Report on ELD regulation and its impact on commercial vehicle operations. The report provides time-sensitive, critical information for fleet owners and delivered high value leads for its sponsors.
  3. Content Kickstart offers marketers proprietary research that can be immersed into content marketing assets. A large health sciences company partnered with Informa Engage to conduct research focused on the complexity of clinical trials. Informa Engage was chosen due to its research and analysis expertise, niche market knowledge and its deep database of pharma decision makers. The client used the market intelligence throughout content market programs and public relations channels, which resulted in media coverage.

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