Infostretch Announces Data Insights Engagement With Inxeption

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Infostretch, a leader in digital engineering services, announced a new partnership with Inxeption, a cloud-based digital commerce software platform designed for B2B. The collaboration will arm Inxeption’s “I-commerce” customers with powerful new abilities to turn the data they already have into highly actionable insights for smarter decision-making.

Many B2B merchants today struggle to gain a real understanding of their customers—preferences, vertical trends, buying habits, purchasing frequency, or related brand affinities—because their data is spread across multiple disparate systems and platforms. Getting to that data typically involves so much time-consuming, manual effort and calculation that it negates any potential benefit.

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Inxeption’s industrial-strength I-commerce platform integrates all the critical commerce business functions including online selling, shipping, and financial services. This enables immediate insights via a real-time dashboard which tracks online store visits, orders, shipping status and other metrics. Infostretch will leverage its data engineering expertise to build out even more valuable insights by mining and analyzing data from ERP systems and other databases that Inxeption customers make available. The result will be a series of intuitive data insight tools and dashboards for specific roles in a customer’s company, from marketing and merchandising to finance and transportation.

“Getting to simplicity has always been complicated,” said Farzad Dibachi, CEO and co-founder of Inxeption. “Professionals in e-commerce have always had access to a lot of data, but they rarely have the answers they need to truly excel in their role. This partnership with Infostretch is changing all of that by bringing commerce professionals the key insights they need to play a more strategic role and significantly increase the bottom line. Infostretch combines deep data engineering expertise in enterprise environments with the agility and speed we need to stay ahead of the market.”

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New Insights for Inxeption Customers

Working with Infostretch, Inxeption can offer its users a variety of new insights about their customers. For example:

  • Marketing teams can get data showing how they can better market and nourish customer interactions and even offer new products.
  • Merchants can segment existing customers who have purchased equipment that has a predictable cycle of parts replacement or disposable needs, enabling targeted marketing campaigns driving buyers to an online parts store on a schedule most likely to drive sales.
  • Logistics teams can use geographic analysis and order patterns by customer locations to make better decisions that improve service and reduce costs.

Other insights mined from the data warehouse can address other mission-critical activities such as aligning sales teams with corporate goals and enabling fact-based selling by delivering a fully integrated view of customer and product profitability. Future plans include using machine learning to predict customer behavior.

“Inxeption is an incredibly innovative industrial commerce platform and we’re proud to have them as a partner. No-one else has really come close to their level of connected thinking,” said Rutesh Shah, CEO & Founder of Infostretch. “We’re building on their innovation by aggregating, analyzing and simplifying all of that data so that it can be leveraged quickly and easily by different individuals and team within an e-commerce business. This combination of back-end complexity and front-end simplicity has not been attempted before in e-commerce, making this a fascinating engagement that will have a huge impact on the e-commerce industry.”

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