Marketo Accelerate Evolves Further with Addition of Socedo

Socedo Moves from Being LaunchPoint Technology Partner To Joining the Marketo Accelerate Ecosystem

Socedo, a social media demand generation for B2B marketers is the newest addition to the Marketo Accelerate ecosystem.  This creative ecosystem harnesses the best that martech has to offer to empower the complete customer lifecycle. Socedo has been associated with Marketo since 2014 as a LaunchPoint Technology Partner.


Socedo-Marketo Integration

The integration of Socedo and Marketo allows joint customers to fill databases with engaged leads generated via social media. They can nurture those leads over email and adjoin them to demand generation campaigns. Customers will also be able to send these warm leads to sales teams.

Socedo carries lead enrichment with the help of around 50 separate data points ranging from social media activities to corporate information. Socedo will also allow users to enrich records with supplementary data from social media activity and Twitter engagements like conversions and follows. This helps in tracking leads down the funnel.

With the integration, Socedo will sync fresh, fitting leads to Marketo on a daily basis. The records of existing leads will get enriched with additional data. Users will be able to update lead records with social activities and Twitter engagements as prospects take new actions.

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Down the Funnel Nurturing: The Integration USP

The updated lead records of Socedo will allow marketers to always be on top of the game with regards to identification of warm leads. Customers of Marketo can leverage the entire set of capabilities of Marketo’s Engagement Platform along with LaunchPoint to nurture leads through emails, retargeting campaigns, and transfer the most-qualified leads to sales teams.

Growth of Marketo Accelerate

Socedo is the latest addition to Marketo Accelerate. Earlier this month,, nFusz, Lattice Engines, Folloze, CleverTouch, and Ceros were inducted to the ecosystem. In December 2017, Vidyard, Synthio, ReachForce, Qotient,, Madison Logic, and Allocadia became part of it. The inaugural members of Marketo Accelerate were Uberflip, SnapApp, Oktopost, Mintigo, and Cloudwords.

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