Sprinklr Unveils Intuition, an AI-Powered Potential Game Changer for Social Media Management

The AI sphere for marketers keeps getting bigger and better by the day. Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform Sprinklr, has announced Sprinklr Intuition, a set of AI capabilities that addresses the top-most challenge brands face in social media management. The biggest, commonplace challenge lies in managing the vast scope of digital interactions to deliver humanized and enhanced CX at scale. Sprinklr now becomes the first to provide AI-powered enterprise software for brands to reach, engage, and listen to customers across more than 25 social platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Executive Speak

Grad Conn, Chief Experience and Marketing Officer, Sprinklr, says: “Today, it’s normal for people to expect a 1:1, personalized relationship with a brand across every social channel. But it’s impossible for brands to meet that expectation if they’re manually identifying, sorting, and responding to social media messages. And when it comes to recognizing and managing an emerging crisis across social channels, every moment counts. “With Intuition, Sprinklr is addressing these challenges by delivering practical artificial intelligence capabilities that help brands save time and focus on what’s important — increasing the number of valuable human to human connections.”

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Tackling Social with AI for CXM

Forrester says that an average seven social media platforms are used by almost 80% of customers to engage with brands. This has resulted in voluminous inbound messages for brands to locate, sort, and direct before a response is decided. The introduction of Intuition is a result of direct customer feedback. Intuition automates a large pool of data analysis, actions, and decisions at scale which is beyond humans. Intuition has been built at the core of Sprinklr platform and can be used across social, customer support, commerce, retail, research, advertising, and marketing within the Sprinklr Experience Cloud. The two Intuition features available are – Intuition Moderation and Intuition Smart Alerts.

Intuition Moderation

Intuition Moderation helps brands to automate routing, categorization, and prioritization of inbound messages. It triples engagement rates and drives 1:1 customer interactions. Intuition Moderation deciphers message content to mark the high-priority ones for immediate response. It sorts messages categorically allowing them to be routed to suitable teams.

Intuition Smart Alerts

With brands getting millions of mentions per day, social teams can miss out on spotting trending content or emerging crisis. Intuition Smart Alerts leverages AI and sets dynamic thresholds that adjust according to time of trends to alert a team automatically when any anomaly is identified in social conversations. Intuition Smart Alerts can recognize patterns in message sentiment and volume on the basis of past trends to flag abnormalities. Unlike static social threshold alerts, dynamic thresholds in Intuition Smart Alerts curtail false alarms and warn in advance for any brewing crisis and viral content.

Intuition has the potential to signal the end of customer conversations and engagement woes surrounding social media teams. For now, these are interesting times ahead for Sprinklr.

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