OneTrust Acquires DataGuidance To Disrupt Privacy Management and Compliance Framework

Integrated Platform Brings an In-Depth and Up-To-Date Privacy and Security Research Platform to the World’s Most Widely-Used Dedicated Privacy Management Technology Platform

OneTrust, the largest and most widely used dedicated privacy management technology platform, announced it has acquired DataGuidance, an in-depth and up-to-date privacy and security regulatory research platform. The DataGuidance online technology platform has indexed, structured, categorized, and made searchable hundreds of global privacy and security laws and frameworks, along with over ten thousand associated templates, guidance, case law and resources. The depth of the DataGuidance platform comes from 20 years of operations in the market. The unique insights, global coverage and updated nature of the platform comes from a contributor network of 500 privacy lawyers across 300 jurisdictions, combined with over 15 in-house legal researchers who feed daily updates and alerts into the platform.

By integrating OneTrust and DataGuidance, customers now have access to both actionable information about the changing legal and compliance frameworks around the world and tools to implement and monitor compliance to those changes. This approach provides the only solution that gives privacy departments the tools they need to efficiently monitor and manage the complex and changing environments across privacy, security and third-party risk compliance. The platform is generally available today, and allows customers to access their DataGuidance subscription directly within OneTrust. The associated guidance from DataGuidance is now integrated directly into OneTrust products, enabling organisations to leverage OneTrust to drive compliance with hundreds of global privacy and security laws and frameworks, including recent regulatory updates such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, Brazil LGPD, GDPR and all EU Member State Derogations.

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Following the acquisition of DataGuidance, OneTrust now serves over 2,500 customers worldwide, both big and small, in over 100 countries, with an in-house team of 700 full-time employees across six global locations. The technology platform is continuously updated by over 300 global R&D resources, making OneTrust the most powerful and easy to use privacy management platform on the market. The now combined team consists of over 20 in-house privacy researchers, supported by a contributor network of over 500 lawyers representing over 300 jurisdictions, feeding updates into the hundreds of laws and frameworks, along with over ten thousand associated templates, guidance, case law, and resources, all built into the OneTrust platform.

“Organizations are increasingly needing scalable solutions to help them tackle not just the GDPR, but multiple privacy laws across hundreds of sectors and jurisdictions that are constantly changing,” said Kabir Barday, OneTrust CEO and Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP), OneTrust. “OneTrust and DataGuidance together create the solution. We evaluated all the players in the market and it was clear DataGuidance was at the top of the field with expert in-house resources, a global contributor network and an incredible customer base with high satisfaction scores. DataGuidance is not just a research tool, but a technology platform that brings structure to all this information, making it possible to integrate their deep regulatory insight into OneTrust’s most widely used privacy management technology.”

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“We built DataGuidance to give our customers the most in-depth and up to date regulatory research and insight available on global privacy laws, and today’s acquisition will bring together two of the top technologies to power global privacy compliance at scale,” said David Longford, CEO, DataGuidance. “With our shared vision and commitment to customer success, we’re excited to bring the full DataGuidance platform, team, contributor network and customer base into OneTrust.”

The principal shareholder of DataGuidance said, “I am delighted that DataGuidance is now part of OneTrust. Lindsey Greig, who founded the business, had the ambition for DataGuidance to become a global force in privacy intelligence and that has now been achieved.”  The shareholders were advised on the sale by Quercus Corporate Finance.

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