Search Discovery Launches Salesforce Einstein Discovery + Tableau Accelerator

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Search Discovery, a data transformation company, launches an Einstein+Tableau Accelerator to help clients rapidly integrate Einstein Discovery Predictions and Prescriptions into their Tableau dashboards.

This technology combines the best of both platforms and finally answers the question of when to use Tableau vs. Einstein. The solution: Use the strengths of both! Our Accelerator program demonstrates that the platforms’ benefits aren’t mutually exclusive. Instead, the platforms are “better together.” Search Discovery’s unique Accelerator:

  • Speeds time to market for your solution, providing a functional proof of concept in 1 to 3 days
  • Supports Einstein Discovery use cases, including customer churn/attrition, resource optimization, on-time delivery, customer lifetime value, and many others
  • Allows users to see Predictions and Prescriptions results without need for a query, facilitating faster responses and the ability to access results anywhere, including offline
  • Meets the needs of enterprise clients who require scalability and security

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How the Accelerator Works

The Einstein+Tableau Accelerator leverages data residing in Tableau or new data sets and integrates it with Einstein Discoveries to build colorful visualizations of advanced metrics. This synthesis enables Predictions to find insights not just as they happen but in advance. In addition, it enables Prescriptions to recommend actions to take on the data.

“Being able to augment and enhance existing customer Tableau dashboards with predictive insights will help companies stay ahead of the curve and use data to drive competitive advantage,” says Jim Koenig, Search Discovery’s Director of Business Intelligence.

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Joe Sutherland, Search Discovery’s Data Science Lead, states, “I love that Search Discovery makes it easy for business users to use machine learning, letting clients’ teams work on more complex issues within the business.”

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