Sourcepoint Announces the Launch of Authenticated Consent

Authenticated consent is the newest feature in Sourcepoint’s industry-leading CMP to collect identity-based consent signals

Sourcepoint, the publisher platform for creating trusted and transparent user experiences, unveiled its ‘Authenticated consent’ feature, providing publishers with the tools to collect durable consumer preferences and consent signals, while improving user experience.

‘Authenticated consent’ links individual privacy preferences to a user profile allowing publishers to collect consent signals based on identity rather than cookies. Amid significant changes in the browser ecosystem – including Apple’s ITP and Google’s privacy updates – along with increasing privacy regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA, publishers can utilize identity-based consent to ensure compliance and minimize friction within the user experience.

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“‘Authenticated consent’ is at the core of Sourcepoint’s mission to manage the complexity of compliance while also clarifying consent options between publishers and consumers,” said Ben Barokas, Sourcepoint’s Co-founder and CEO.  “Privacy continues to be a key concern for consumers and will continue to grow as additional US states consider privacy bills along with a rumoured federal approach.”

Barokas continues, “For consumers, it is essential they have control over their privacy preferences with minimal friction – a challenge alongside recent browser privacy updates that limit the power of cookies. Being able to log-in to a publisher site, with privacy preferences saved will allow publishers to maximize engagement and monetization potential.”

‘Authenticated consent’, as part of the Sourcepoint Consent Management Platform, is compatible with the IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) – including the upcoming TCF v2 – as well as with vendors outside the IAB.

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The ‘Authenticated consent’ feature can be leveraged to:

  • Connect consent preferences to an authenticated user profile
  • Empower publishers to provide a better end-user experience through cross-site, cross-browser and cross-device interactions with content, building stronger, more direct, relationships with users
  • Allow publishers to improve the collection of consent across all their properties and channels and communicate with relevant vendors
  • Work in tandem with Dialogue messaging functionality, enabling robust audience segmentation, targeting, and creation of messaging scenarios to allow testing and analysis of various strategies (e.g. A/B testing)
  • Enable users to see and manage their consent preferences whether they are on a desktop or mobile browser, in a mobile app, on a connected TV or in an OTT app

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